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Is your brother your best friend or your brother in law? (Just because he's not related by blood doesn't mean he can't share a special bond.)

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  • small memorial tattoo ideas for a brother
  • Ideas of medium or large memorial tattoos for a brother
  • Memorable tattoo sayings and quotes for a brother

It can be incredibly painful when a sibling dies, so you may want to deal with your feelings by celebrating them. You may want to focus on the love you shared instead of the pain you are feeling right now.

Why not get a memorial tattoo to let you know?what to do in memory of someoneimportant that is transmitted? If this option appeals to you, consider these specific tattoo ideas.

If you're interested in other unique ways to honor a loved one, consider a custom urn from a store.eternityor even a memorial diamond made from ashes with a company likeeternity.

Advice after defeat:If you would like help navigating the complexities you may face after losing a brother or brother-in-law, please contact ourChecklist after lossit can help.

small memorial tattoo ideas for a brother

The love that siblings share for siblings is often a special bond that no one else can really understand. For this reason, some brothers choose to get small tattoos, which do not attract the attention of others and make clear the personal nature of this bond. If this is the type of tattoo you want, consider the following:

" FURTHER:Our story does not end at the grave.Honor your loved one with a free online memorial.


1. Hercios

A heart tattoo to honor someone like a long lost brother is so meaningful the morecreative ways to honor someone.

You can get a small heart tattoo anywhere on your body and write your brother's name inside.

2. Symbol of infinity

An infinity symbol (eight on a side) is a common choice for many different types of tattoos. However, it is particularly noticeable when used in a tattoo honoring a deceased brother.

Replace the lines in number eight with text containing quotes or a sibling's name and the words "rest in peace."

The shape of an infinity symbol naturally shows a close and unbroken connection. The meaning of the symbol also suggests the idea that the bond will never be broken.

3. Name on the wrist

You can write your brother's name on your wrist with the font you prefer. You can also add text like "RIP" or the anniversary of your brother's death. This is an option to consider if you are not surehow to mark a death anniversary.

The name and basic accompanying text is enough for some people who want simple sibling memorial tattoos. However, depending on your taste, you can add small additional details, for example. B. Angel wings on both sides of the text.

Ideas of medium or large memorial tattoos for a brother

Do you prefer larger tattoos that serve as unmissable reminders of brotherly love? If so, remember them.

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" FURTHER:Do you need help with funeral expenses?Create a free online memorial to collect donations from loved ones.

4. Handshake

Few images symbolize the idea of ​​brotherhood more clearly than a handshake. Many sibling memorial tattoos include large illustrations of handshakes. You can also include some text above and/or below the hands indicating the purpose of the tattoo.

This tattoo can cover the entire forearm, chest, or upper back. Research your options before choosing a tattoo artist if you decide this is the right design for your taste. A realistic handshake tattoo must have precise details and requires some skill.

5. Complete poem

A full poem could take up a large part of your torso or back, or you might consider a smaller verse.

Find a poem that sums up your feelings about a lost brother or brother-in-law. Options to consider include "His Journey's Just Begun" by Ellen Brenneman, "He is Gone (Remember Me)" by David Harkins, and "His Peaceful Grave" by an anonymous poet.

6. Bird in flight

This tattoo is generally medium in size, ideal for the upper arm, shoulder blade, or any other location with a decent amount of horizontal space.

It is usually a black silhouette (although it can be colored) of birds perched on a tree branch, with one bird flying. This simple image immediately conveys the idea of ​​a lost brother leaving a family behind but flying off to a better place where they will eventually be reunited.

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You can also include text that clarifies its meaning, such as B".rest in peace" quotewith your brother's name.

Memorable tattoo sayings and quotes for a brother

Don't want to cover a large part of your body with an entire poem? Maybe you still want a tattoo that uses words to express your love for a lost brother.

» ESPECIAL:Raise funds for your memorial service with a free Cake memorial page.Create a free memorial.

7. "There is no love like the love of a brother. There is no love like the love of a brother."

Sometimes it can seem impossible to truly describe in words the love that siblings share.

This quote from Astrid Alauda openly acknowledges this reality. It could be the perfect quote for your tattoo if you want one that expresses the bond between you and your brother and how that transcends any possible description.

8. "I had a brother who was my savior."

The full version of this quote, which most sources attribute to author Maurice Sendak, is: "I had a brother who was my savior and made my childhood bearable." .

A brother can be a savior in many other ways. He can cut the quote down to the first half and still use it perfectly.

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9. "I am my brother's keeper."

This tattoo modifies the Biblical verse "Am I my brother's keeper?" in a powerful way.

Technically, the quote is from a Biblical story. Cain, by murdering his brother Abel, cynically rejects the idea that he should feel any responsibility or concern for his brother. Many Christians use the modified version "I am my brother's keeper" to describe the feelings of love and responsibility they really have for their brothers.

10. Some lyrics from Elton John's "Daniel"

Make your choice here. While you may want to change your chosen lyrics to include your brother's name, it's hard to go wrong with a selection from this song.

Elton John and his lyricist Bernie Taupin eventually cut a verse from the original draft of the song before recording and releasing it. They did this to ensure the track was short enough for radio success.

What many don't realize is that Taupin wrote the song from the perspective of a younger brother saying goodbye to his brother fleeing the United States.Taupin was inspired by a newspaper report about a young man who, after returning from the Vietnam War, was trying to return to his normal lifestyle in the United States, but had to leave the country and start over elsewhere when he discovered that he could have a normal life there he could lead to his old homeland was no longer possible.

In other words, the lyrics describe the feelings of a brother saying goodbye to a brother he lost in the war. This makes any quote from this song an ideal choice when getting a tattoo in memory of a brother who died in battle.

Memorable Brother Tattoo – Celebrating an Unbroken Bond

Losing a sibling can be like losing a part of yourself. However, by honoring his memory, you can move on and live the life your brother wants you to have. These ideas can help.

Another way to honor a loved one is to create a memorial page online. This creates a place for family and friends to write their tributes and make a donation towards funeral expenses. it's free and easyCreate an online memorial pageHow was it.

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Looking for more ideas to remember or celebrate a brother? Read our tips forThe best funeral songs for a brother.miHow to write a eulogy for a brother..


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