170 general knowledge quiz questions and answers for a virtual pub quiz in 2023 (2023)

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170 general knowledge quiz questions and answers for a virtual pub quiz in 2023 (4)

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Questions and answers for the general knowledge quiz

170 general knowledge quiz questions and answers for a virtual pub quiz in 2023 (5)


1.In what year did the Titanic sink in the Atlantic on April 15 on her maiden voyage from Southampton?
2.What is the title of the first Carry On film made and released in 1958?
3.What is the name of the largest technology company in South Korea?
4.Which singer was the frontman of the 1970s pop group Showaddywaddy?
5.Which now-famous TV chef started cooking at his parents' pub, The Cricketers, in Clavering, Essex, at the age of eight?
6.Which Dutch darts player won the 2012 BDO World Championship at Lakeside Country Club, Frimley Green on January 15th?
7.Which metal was discovered by Hans Christian Oersted in 1825?
8.What is the capital of Portugal?
9.How many breaths does the human body take in a day?
10Who was Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1841 to 1846?
11What is the chemical symbol for silver?
12Who invented the cat's eyes in 1934 to improve road safety?
13What is the smallest bird in the world?
14Who played "Bodie" and "Doyle" on "The Professionals"?
15.What is the Barbie doll's full name?
sixteen.What is Paul Hunn's record, which recorded 118.1 decibels?
17What was Al Capone's business card?
18What is the lifespan of a dragonfly?
19What year was the first Tonka truck built: 1945, 1947, or 1949?
20Who invented the tin can in 1810?

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2.Follow Sergeant
4.David Bartram
5.Jamie Oliver
6.kist cristiano
9.20,000 daily
10Robert Peel
12Percy Shaw
13Hummingbird The bees
14Lewis Collins und Martin Shaw
15.Barbara Millicent Roberts
sixteen.the loudest burp
17A used furniture dealer.
1824 hours
20Pedro Durand

170 general knowledge quiz questions and answers for a virtual pub quiz in 2023 (6)

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Questions and answers on the film general knowledge quiz

170 general knowledge quiz questions and answers for a virtual pub quiz in 2023 (7)


21What year was The Godfather first published?
22Which actor won the Academy Award for Best Actor for the films Philadelphia (1993) and Forrest Gump (1994)?
23How many self-referential appearances did Alfred Hitchcock make in his films from 1927 to 1976 - 33, 35 or 37?
24Which 1982 film was well received by moviegoers because it portrayed the love between a young suburban orphan and a lost, benevolent, nostalgic visitor from another planet?
25Which actress played Mary Poppins in the 1964 film Mary Poppins?
26What classic 1963 film did Charles Bronson star in?
27In which 1995 film did Sandra Bullock play Angela Bennett's character: Wrestling Ernest Hemingway, The Net, or 28 Days?
28Which New Zealand director directed these films: In the Cut (2003), The Water Diary (2006) and Bright Star (2009)?
29Which actor voiced the role of Nemo in the 2003 film Finding Nemo?
30Which prisoner dubbed 'Britain's most violent prisoner' was the subject of a film in 2009?
31Which 2008 movie starring Christian Bale has this quote: "I guess anything that doesn't kill you just makes you... weird"?
32.American actress who played the role of Tokyo overworld boss O-Ren Ishii in KillBill Vol I & II
33.In which movie did Hugh Jackman play a rival wizard with the character played by Christian Bale?
34.In which Mediterranean country was film director Frank Capra, famous for How Wonderful It Is To Live, born?
35.Which British action actor played the role of Lee Christmas alongside Sylvester Stallone in The Expendables?
36.Which American actor starred with Kim Bassinger in the movie 9½ Weeks?
37.Which former Doctor Who actress played Nebula in Avengers: Infinity War?
38.Who played Juno MacGuff opposite Michael Cera in the 2007 film Juno?
39.What is the name of the 2015 film about a frontiersman on a fur trading expedition in the 1820s and his struggle to survive after being attacked by a bear?
40Which film starring Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl shows the rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda in Formula 1?


22Tom Hanks
24AND O extraterrestrial
25July Andreas
26the great escape
27The network
28jane campion
29Alejandro Gould
30Charles Bronson (movie was called Bronson)
31The dark knight
32.Lucy Liu
33.The prestige
35.Jason Statham
36.Micky Rourke
37.Karen Gillan
38.Ellen Page/Elliot Page
39.the ghost

Questions and answers for the sports general knowledge quiz

170 general knowledge quiz questions and answers for a virtual pub quiz in 2023 (8)


41.Where does the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team play their home games?
42.In which sport is the Waterloo Cup first held in 1907?
43.Who was named BBC Sportsman of the Year in 2001?
44.Where were the 1930 Commonwealth Games held?
45.How many players are on a water polo team?
46.What sport did Neil Adams excel in?
47.Which country won the 1982 World Cup in Spain, beating West Germany 3-1?
48.What is the nickname of Bradford City football club?
49.Which team won the American Football Superbowl in 1993, 1994 and 1996?
50Which greyhound won the Derby in 2000 and 2001?
51.Which tennis player won the Australian Women's Open 2012 by beating Maria Sharapova 6-3, 6-0?
52.Who scored England in extra time to win the 2003 Rugby World Cup by beating Australia 20-17?
53.What sports game was invented by James Naismith in 1891?
54.How many times have the Patriots attended the Super Bowl final?
55.Wimbledon 2017 was won by the 14th seed who surprisingly defeated Venus Williams in the final. Who is she?
56.How many players are on an Olympic curling team?
57.Who was the last Welshman to win the World Snooker Championship in 2020?
58.Which major league baseball team is named after the Cardinals?
59.Which country has dominated synchronized swimming at the Summer Olympics with five gold medals since returning to the Games in 2000?
60Canadian Connor McDavid is a rising star in which sport?

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42.Green Crown Bowls
43.David Beckham
44.Hamilton, Canada
48.at the ends
49.Dallas Cowboys
50fast ranger
51.vitória azarenka
52.Jonny Wilkinson
53.rocking basket
55.clean the raspberry
57.marca williams
58.San Louis

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Questions and answers on the science general knowledge test

170 general knowledge quiz questions and answers for a virtual pub quiz in 2023 (9)


61.Who threw a hammer and a feather at the moon to prove that without air they fall at the same rate?
62.If Earth became a black hole, what diameter would its event horizon be?
63.If you fall into an airless, frictionless hole that cuts through the entire earth, how long would it take you to fall to the other side? (To the next minute.)
64.How many hearts does an octopus have?
Sixty-five.What year did chemist Norm Larsen invent WD40?
66.If you took one step every second in seven-league boots, what would be your speed in miles per hour?
67.What is the furthest that can be seen with the naked eye?
68.Exactly how many hairs per thousand does a typical human head have?
69.Who Invented the Gramophone?
70.What do the initials HAL mean on the computer HAL 9000 in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey?
71.How many years does it take for a spacecraft launched from Earth to reach the planet Pluto?
72.Who Invented Artificial Soft Drinks?
73.In 1930, Albert Einstein and a colleague received US patent 1781541. What was it for?
74.What is the largest molecule that makes up the human body?
75.How much water is there per person on earth?
76.How many grams of salt (sodium chloride) does a liter of typical sea water contain?
77.If you could process a billion atoms per second, how many years would it take to teleport a typical human?
78.Where were the first computer animations produced?
79.To the nearest 1%, what percentage of the mass of the solar system is in the sun?
80.What is the average surface temperature of Venus?


61.David R Scott
63.42 minutes
66.75,600 miles per hour
67.2.5 million light years
68.10,000 hairs
69.Emil Berliner
70.Heuristically programmed algorithmic computer
71.nine and a half years
72.Joseph Priester
74.chromosome 1
75.210,000,000,000 liters of water per person
77.200 billion years
78.Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
80.460°C (860°F)

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Questions and answers for the quiz on general music knowledge

170 general knowledge quiz questions and answers for a virtual pub quiz in 2023 (12)


81.Which 1960s American pop group invented the "surfin' sound"?
82.In what year did the Beatles first visit the United States?
83.Who was the lead singer of the 1970s pop group Slade?
84.What was the name of Adele's first album?
85.Future Nostalgia, featuring the single Don't Start Now, is which English singer's second studio album?
86.What is the name of the band with the following members: John Deacon, Brian May, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor?
87.Which singer was known as "The King of Pop" and "The Glove" among others?
88.Which American pop star topped the charts with back-to-back singles 'Sorry' and 'Love Yourself' in 2015?
89."Losing My Religion" was a 1991 hit by which alternative rock band?
90.Which song has the following lyrics: "All of a sudden I'm not half my size anymore. / A shadow hangs over me."?


81.The beach boy
83.Title noddy
84.Hometown splendor
85.pay for it
87.Miguel Jackson
88.Justin Bieber

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Questions and answers on general football knowledge

170 general knowledge quiz questions and answers for a virtual pub quiz in 2023 (13)


91.Which club won the 1986 FA Cup Final?
92.With 125 caps in a playing career, which goalkeeper holds the record for most caps in England?
93.How many goals did Jürgen Klinsmann score in 41 starts for Tottenham Hotspur in the 1994/1995 Premier League season: 19, 20 or 21?
94.Who managed West Ham United between 2008 and 2010?
95.What is Stockport County's nickname?
96.What year did Arsenal move to Emirates Stadium from Highbury?
97.What is Sir Alex Ferguson's middle name?
98.Can you name the Sheffield United striker who scored the first Premier League goal in the 2-1 win over Manchester United in August 1992?
99Which Lancashire side play their home games at Ewood Park?
100.Can you name the manager who took charge of the England national team in 1977?

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91.Liverpool (Ganaron 3-1 v Everton)
92.Pedro Shilton
94.Gianfranco Zola
95.The Hatters (or Shire)
98.Brian Dean
99Blackburn All Terrain Vehicles
100.Ron Greenwood

Questions and answers on general knowledge about artists

170 general knowledge quiz questions and answers for a virtual pub quiz in 2023 (14)
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101.Which artist created Campbell's Soup Cans in 1962?
102.Can you name the sculptor who created Family Group in 1950, the artist's first major commission after World War II?
103.What nationality was the sculptor Alberto Giacometti?
104.How many sunflowers were in Van Gogh's third version of the painting "Sunflowers"?
105.Where in the world is Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa on display?
106.Which artist painted The Water Lily Pond in 1899?
107.Which modern artist's work has death as its central theme and became famous for a series of works in which dead animals were preserved, including a shark, a sheep and a cow?
108.What nationality was the artist Henri Matisse?
109.Which artist painted "Self-Portrait with Two Circles" in the 7th century?
110.Can you name the visual artwork Bridget Riley created in 1961: Shadow Play, Cataract 3, or Movement in Squares?


101.Andy Warhol
102.Henry Moore
105.The Louvre, Paris, France
106.Claude Monet
107.Damian Hurst
109.Rembrandt van Rijn
110.square motion

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170 general knowledge quiz questions and answers for a virtual pub quiz in 2023 (15)

Benchmarks General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

170 general knowledge quiz questions and answers for a virtual pub quiz in 2023 (16)


Name the country where these sights are located:

111.Pyramid of Giza and the Great Sphinx
113.Angkor Wat
114.statue of Liberty
115.Harbour Bridge in Sydney
116.Taj Mahal
117.Juche Tower
118.water towers
119.Azadi Monument


111.Pyramid of Giza and the Great Sphinx - Egypt
112.Colosseum - Italy
113.Angkor Wat - Cambodia
114.Statue of Liberty - United States of America
115.Sydney Harbour Bridge – Australien
116.Taj Mahal - India
117.Juche Tower - North Korea
118.Water Towers – Kuwait
119.Azadi Monument - Iran
120.Stonehenge - United Kingdom

World History General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

170 general knowledge quiz questions and answers for a virtual pub quiz in 2023 (17)


Indicate the year in which the following events occurred:

121.First university founded in Bologna, Italy
122.The end of the First World War
123.First birth control pill for women
124.Nace William Shakespeare
125.First use of modern paper
126.founded communist china
127.Martin Luther initiates the Reformation
128.The end of World War II
129.Genghis Khan begins his conquest of Asia
130.the birth of Buddha

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121.First university founded in Bologna, Italy – 1088
122.The end of the First World War – 1918
123.First birth control pill for women - 1960
124.Nace William Shakespeare – 1564
125.First use of modern paper - 105 AD
126.Establishment of Communist China - 1949
127.Martin Luther initiates the Reformation - 1517
128.End of World War II - 1945
129.Genghis Khan begins his conquest of Asia - 1206
130.The Birth of Buddha - 486 BC

Game of Thrones Quiz Questions and Answers

170 general knowledge quiz questions and answers for a virtual pub quiz in 2023 (18)

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131.Also by what name was the mint master Lord Petyr Baelish known?
132.What's the name of the first episode?
133.Which city is the setting for the fictional King's Landing?
134.What is Hodor's real name?
135.What is the name of the last episode of the seventh season?
136.Daenerys has 3 dragons, two are named Drogon and Rhaegal, what is the name of the other one?
137.How did Cersi's daughter Myrcella die?
138.What is the name of Jon Snow's direwolf?
139.Who was responsible for creating the Night King?
140.Iwan Rheon who played Ramsay Bolton, which character was about to be cast?

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131.Pinkie finger
132.Winter is coming
135.the dragon and the wolf
139.children of the forest
140.jon snow

Questions and Answers on the James Bond Movies

170 general knowledge quiz questions and answers for a virtual pub quiz in 2023 (19)


141.What was the first Bond film to hit the screens in 1962 starring Sean Connery as 007?
142.How many Bond films has Roger Moore acted in as 007?
143.In which Bond film did the character Tee Hee appear in 1973?
144.Which Bond film was released in 2006?
145.Which actor played Jaws and had two appearances as Bond in The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker?
146.True or false: Actress Halle Berry appeared as Jinx in the 2002 Bond film Die Another Day.
147.In which 1985 Bond film did an airship appear with "Zorin Industries" written on the side?
148.Can you name the Bond villain in the 1963 film From Russia with Love? was shot by Tatiana Romanova and played by actress Lotte Lenya?
149.Which actor was James Bond before Daniel Craig made four films like 007?
150.Which actor played Bond in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, his only appearance as Bond?


141.no doctor
142.Seven: Live and Let Die, The Man with the Golden Colt, The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only, Octopussy und A View to a Kill
143.live and Let Die
144.Casino royale
145.Ricardo likes it
147.A prospect to kill
148.Rosa Kleb
149.Pierce Brosnan
150.Jörg Lazenby

Michael Jackson Quiz Questions and Answers

170 general knowledge quiz questions and answers for a virtual pub quiz in 2023 (20)


151.True or False: Did Michael win the 1984 Grammy Award for Record of the Year for the song "Beat It"?
152.Can you name the other four Jacksons that made up The Jackson 5?
153.What song was on the B-side of the single "Heal the World"?
154.What was Michael's middle name: John, James or Joseph?
155.Which 1982 album became the best-selling album of all time?
156.How old was Michael when he sadly passed away in 2009?
157.True or False: Was Michael the Eighth of Ten Children?
158.What was the name of Michael's autobiography, published in 1988?
159.What year did Michael receive a star on Hollywood Boulevard?
160.What song did Michael release in September 1987?

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152.Jackie Jackson, Tito Jackson, Jermaine Jackson und Marlon Jackson
153.you make me Crazy

Board games general knowledge quiz questions and answers

170 general knowledge quiz questions and answers for a virtual pub quiz in 2023 (21)


161.Which board game consists of 40 tiles with 28 properties, four railroads, two utilities, three random tiles, three community chest tiles, a luxury tax tile, an income tax tile, and the four corner tiles: GO, Jail, Free Parking, and Go to Jail?
162.The board game was developed by Whit Alexander and Richard Tait in 1998, it is a board game based on Ludo
163.Can you name the six suspects in the board game Cluedo?
164.Which board game is dictated by the player's ability to answer pop culture and common knowledge questions, a game created in 1979?
165.Which game, first released in 1967, consists of a plastic tube, several plastic sticks called straws, and several marbles?
166.What board game is played with teams of players trying to identify specific words from their teammates' drawings?
167.How big is the grid in a Scrabble game: 15x15, 16x16 or 17x17?
168.What is the maximum number of people that can play a round of Mousetrap: two, four or six?
169.In which game do you have to collect as many marbles as possible with the hippos?
170.Can you name the game that simulates a person's life paths, from college to retirement, with jobs, marriages, and kids (or not) along the way? Can two to six players join a game?


163.Miss Scarlett, Coronel Mustard, Mrs White, Reverendo Green, Mrs Peacock und Professor Plum
164.Trivial Pursuit
169.hungry hippos
170.the game of life

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