80+ creative nicknames for cousins (2023)

Whether it's Christmas, family dinners, or weddings, the best part is having fun with the cousins. Cousins ​​are the best friends we have once we are born. They are the ones who have stood by us through life's ups and downs, strong as a wall.

The countless memories you have with them are hard to capture in an affectionate name, but today we're going to try and find a nickname for you that will reflect your beautiful bond with your cousin.

When it comes to finding a cool nickname for your cousin, the sky is the limit. You can use the inside knowledge of their child's traits and preferences and tease them about almost anything. After all, you know everything from his first crush to his embarrassing habits.

If you have a whole army of cousins ​​with unique personality traits and traits, don't worry. We have something unique for everyone.


Here's our list of creative cousin nicknames along with our pro tips; We bet you'll find something suitable for each of your cousins. Leverage!

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cute nicknames for cousins

If you like flashy and cute nicknames, this nickname section is your paradise. Take a look around and find out what we're talking about.

  1. best friend of blood– We know you love this tailored nickname for cousins ​​as much as we do.
  2. cuddle– Isn't that the kind of name that has a warm and soothing vibe to it? You can also use it for a cousin who is a baby.
  3. feathers– We love the calm and happy tone of this name that everyone likes.
  4. Bean– Are you looking for a sweet and cute name for your cousin, little brother or sister? Here's a name we recommend.
  5. cherry– This is probably one of the cutest nicknames you will find for your loved ones. The best thing is that you can use it for your little cousin.
  6. Mini yo– Is your baby cousin a sitting spitting image of you in your youth? If so, you've just found the best possible pet name for her.
  7. Papas– How about this pet name that works for anyone with a lively and fun personality?
  8. sunlight"Isn't that the endearing name that can make your cousin's day when she hears it?"
  9. Schatz– Why make it complicated when it can be easy?
  10. Coconut– What do you call your cousin who is soft on the inside but hard on the outside? What is that!
  11. control the video game– If your cousin is a bubbly person who loves to play games, this moniker is practically calling out to him.
  12. Shin Chan- Cartoon characters as nicknames is a trend we can't let go of.
  13. I madeleine– When your baby cousin is so cute, you just want to eat him.
  14. Nemo– For a cousin you will find a sea and never give up.
  15. my twin- If your cousin looks and acts like you, save him this affectionate nickname that fits the situation.
  16. Papas- All this cuteness is too much to handle!

Nicknames for cousin sister

First cousins ​​are one of the best things in the family; They spoil you forever and keep you out of trouble. Express your deep admiration for her with an affectionate nickname.

Here are some ideas that can help you.

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  1. wisdom– Need a short and simple pet name for your sister? Please!
  2. My savior– Cousin sisters are saviors from the wrath of our parents in childhood. What better than this grateful name to express your love for them.
  3. My doll- Make your little sister happier with this cute nickname she will love.
  4. peaches– Here is a fruity and refreshing nickname for your cousin that has a lively personality.
  5. Spottdrossel– If your little sister has the sweetest voice, we recommend her this name.
  6. Mel– An affectionate name for a honey-sweet lady.
  7. Lily- Flowery nicknames for your sisters are a great idea. You can also change it to name it after a flower you like.
  8. Puzzle– A mysterious nickname for an equally mysterious sister.
  9. tweet– Here is another cheerful name that you can use for your sister.
  10. Favourite girl– If your sister is your best friend then she has the most adorable nickname ever.
  11. sweet pea- We'll spoil you with tons of cute nicknames.
  12. My angel- Make your sister feel special with this elegant name that continues to be a popular choice with many.

Nicknames for cousin brother

If you're looking for a cool and cool nickname for your first cousin that you absolutely love, look no further.

  1. heat- We love the cool and chilled vibe of this pet name for your first cousin.
  2. Muskelmann– Does your cousin like gymnastics and bodybuilding or is he generally a well built guy? If so, here's a name that might work for you.
  3. peanut- A memorable name for your favorite boy!
  4. Ludo- It's a great idea to name your brother after a game you used to play as a kid. A nickname that takes you back to the good old days.
  5. Ironman- If you need a male and masculine pet name, we have something for you too.
  6. Mil- Here's a cool name GenZ would approve of.
  7. little cook- This title should go to a man who has a talent for making treats for everyone.
  8. Junior- Keep it simple with this classic pet name best suited for the little ones in the family.
  9. mama's boy- Use this title to poke fun at your cousin who was a mama's boy as a kid.
  10. Mario– Remember the good old days when you played video games with your brother?
  11. Chocolatier Boy– Need we say more about this classic pet name that never goes out of style?
  12. Einstein– A nerdy cousin who always has a book, deserves this affectionate nickname.
  13. Bierkönig– A self-explanatory name that you already know who to use.

funny nicknames for cousin

Cousins ​​​​​​are as close as you can get to a best friend for life, from childhood to adulthood. So a fun nickname for them works best. It expresses their fun relationship and bond very well.

Here are some fun nicknames you can use for your cousins.

  1. prison partner- Here's a hilarious joke about the concept of cousins ​​since your childhood partner struggled.
  2. big ass– Cousins ​​have the right to use slightly offensive nicknames. Are not?
  3. klein– It is a very popular nickname that you can use for a younger brother or sister.
  4. Gump-Bosque- If you know, you know.
  5. braids– If you remember your cousin had pigtails when she was young, this name will come in handy to tease her now that she is grown up.
  6. Doraemon– If your cousin is a plum, this funny nickname would suit him. (Take it?)
  7. eccentric– Here is a perfect name for your cousin that will be different from all other family members.
  8. Cookie Monster– Who was your cousin who had an insatiable appetite?
  9. Moody- It's fun to use these simplified names for your cousins ​​as a reminder of what they were like when they were young.
  10. Lonely- Needless to say, this is for someone who enjoys his own company more than anything else.
  11. Poop-Meister– This funny name is all you need to get everyone laughing at a family reunion.
  12. Polo– This one is dedicated to a cousin who is scared to death of all funny people.

Creative nicknames for cousin

  1. accomplices– What could be nicer than this beautiful title for your cousin, who spent the best days of her life with you?
  2. donuts– If your cousin likes desserts and is round like a donut, this nickname will catch his attention.
  3. Munchkin– Here is a cute and simple name for your younger cousin.
  4. sweet gelatin– Do you like this lovely and memorable name we have created?
  5. teddy bear– If your little cousin is as cute as a teddy bear and also obsessed with his toys, he might be a perfect muse for this name.
  6. Yoda– Use this endearing name for a cousin who is wise beyond his years.
  7. malvavisco- This pet name is perfect for a cousin who is very soft and cuddly, and also suits a cousin who likes "marshmallow" the pop star.
  8. clothing package- Prank your cousin who ignores cool stuff like Harry Potter and shuts him up.
  9. Deutsch– Here is an affectionate name for someone you had a love-hate relationship with growing up and who have been inseparable since childhood.
  10. D Dog- Personalize this old nickname with the first letter of your cousin's name and you have a hippie name ready.
  11. scribble– Some nicknames are so nice to hear that they instantly become our favorites. Here is such a cute pet name.

bad nicknames for cousin

  1. Humpty Dumpty– The cousins ​​have known us since we were sweet and tender children; therefore they have the right to name us in anything.
  2. cry baby"Was your cousin a crybaby growing up?" If so, this name is great for joking and laughing.
  3. dig your nose- Any embarrassing habit from your childhood can be a great nickname idea to name your cousins.
  4. machine fly– Here is a name for someone disconnected from reality and lost in their world.
  5. pity party- Use that rude pet name at your own risk!
  6. Idiot and more idiot– The ruder the nickname, the tighter the bond. This principle applies when it comes to people you care about.
  7. duck face"We don't know what that means, but it looks like something a bad cousin could wear.
  8. weeping"Does your cousin always complain about one thing or another?" You know what, you can name them now!
  9. rebel- If your cousin has frequent adult riffs, he's probably the one who fits that name.
  10. egghead– The meaner the nickname, the tighter the bond!
  11. Danger"Here's something for that mischievous cousin who can turn the whole house upside down.
  12. Barbar– Are you looking for an affectionate name for a cousin who is in a bad mood? If so, maybe this could be your choice.

Spanish nicknames for cousin

If you like experimenting with nicknames, why not use a Spanish name for your cousin? Does it seem fun?

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Here are some pet names you may not have heard of.

  1. i love myself– This endearing moniker is sure to bring a smile to your cousin’s face.
  2. Favorite- Empower your favorite cousin with this animated pet name we approve.
  3. girl girl– If you are someone who likes to keep things simple, here is an easy nickname for your adorable cousin.
  4. small rabbit– Did you know that Conejito means rabbit in Spanish?
  5. Idiot– As you can probably guess, this word means “idiot”. A name we know you're dying to use for your cousins.
  6. Slow– If your cousin is a fan of Beiber, he will like this nickname because of one of his songs.
  7. Miss– Señorita is a lady in Spanish; If you want a simple nickname, this should be your choice.
  8. Churros- Here's a dessert nickname for your cousin who likes mountain-sized candy.

As the saying goes: "A cousin is a little piece of childhood that is never lost".

We hope you've found a nickname as beautiful as your cousin's collar. If you have some fun names that you use for your cousins, we really want to hear them. Write to us with useful suggestions and recommendations.

Lucky nickname!


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What is the short call for cousin? ›

In conversational English, people often use the word cuz (or cuzz) to refer to their cousin.

What are some unique nicknames? ›

Funny Best Friend Nicknames
  • Nugget.
  • Teacup.
  • Oldie.
  • Shortie.
  • Kiddo.
  • Smarty.
  • Boomer.
  • Scout.
Jun 19, 2022

What is the best group name for cousins? ›

90 Group Chat Names For Cousins Who Are Your Built-In BFFs
  • My Fam Faves.
  • Forever Fam.
  • Throwback Crew.
  • Basically Siblings.
  • Cousin Crew.
  • Mermaid To Be Friends Forever.
  • My Gene Pool.
  • The Bad Apples.
Mar 18, 2019

What can I call my cousins cousin? ›

Some people call a cousin's cousin a distant cousin rather than a cousin-in-law. The main thing to remember is that these cousins can be relatives, but if they are not part of your family tree via blood, then it is easier to refer to them as “in-law.”

What is cool cousin? ›

Cool Cousin is a mobile app that provides travelers with personalized recommendations from area locals.

What is slang for cousin? ›

A slang abbreviation for cousin is cuz.

What do cousins call each other? ›

However, cousins refer to each other as cousins. Because of this, your first cousin's child is your first cousin once removed and you (the parent of their second cousin) are also their first cousin once removed - so you each refer to each other in the same way.

What is another name for cousin? ›

What is another word for cousin?
first cousincousin-german
full cousinrelation

How do you find a cool nickname? ›

Create a nickname based on your hometown or interests.

Use sports references. Think of a nickname associated with your favorite player. If you play a sport, think of cool nicknames for everyone on the team based on their strengths. See if any of the names stick.

What is a good nickname to be called? ›

Pumpkin, peanut, bubby, baby, babe, bae, honey, darling, sugar, sweetie, honeybunch… English is packed full of fun, creative, and cute nicknames to call your loved ones. From food to animals, to just plain gibberish words – lots of us love giving a cute nickname to our significant other, family, friends, and children.

Can cousins be besties? ›

Cousins are some of the best friends you could ever wish for. If you don't have a sister, you're pretty much convinced this is what it's like, anyway. If she's your best friend, there a million special things about your relationship — but I bet a few of them are these eight things.

What are cool group names? ›

Cool team names
  • Ain't Nothing But a Work Crew.
  • Weekend Warriors.
  • The Avengers.
  • Team Canada.
  • We Are The Champions.
  • Bright Reds.
  • We Will Smash You.
  • Avalanche.
Nov 30, 2022

Can cousins be called friends? ›

There is never a reason to have cousins you barely talk to. They are your family, and they can be also be your friends. Like any friendship, it may take a little effort at first, but having cousins who are also your friends is well worth the effort.

What do you call a female cousin? ›

A: English does have a word for a female cousin, “cousiness,” but it's quite rare. We've found only two modern standard dictionaries with entries for it—the subscription-based Merriam Webster Unabridged and its more accessible cousin, the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary.

What is the closest cousin? ›

First cousins are considered to be close relatives while second cousins are not. It's likely that you know and have spent time with your first cousins. You may happen to know your second cousins as well. Half siblings are even closer relatives – they share one parent!

Who do you call your first cousin? ›

First cousins are the children of (their parent's) siblings. They share a set of grandparents. First cousins are the same generation as each other. They're both two generations away from the grandparents they share.

What are cousins quotes? ›

Cousins are friends that will love you forever." "Time passes and we may be apart, but cousins always stay close at heart." "In my cousin, I find a second self." "We may not have it all together, but together we have it all."

What do you call a double cousin? ›

What is a double cousin? Double cousins are first cousins, but twice. They share both sets of grandparents. This can happen when both parents of one double first cousin are also the siblings of parents of another double first cousin(s). It can happen when two siblings meet and have offspring for two other siblings.

What's kissing cousins? ›

kissing cousin (plural kissing cousins) A relatively distant relative, or a friend, who is familiar enough to be greeted with a kiss. synonym ▲ Synonym: kissing kin. (figuratively) A thing which is related or similar to another thing.

What are 2 cousins married called? ›

Consanguine marriage is marriage between individuals who are closely related. Though it may involve incest, it implies more than the sexual nature of incest. In a clinical sense, marriage between two family members who are second cousins or closer qualifies as consanguineous marriage.

What do my kids call my cousin? ›

Both you and your son would call your cousin by his name without any title.

What is the Old English word for cousin? ›

The use of swēor to mean 'cousin' is especially interesting because it may indicate that the Anglo-Saxons practised some kind of cousin marriage. Like many languages, Old English lacked basic terms for 'husband' and 'wife'; the words for 'man' and 'woman', wer or ceorl and wīf or cwēn respectively, were used instead).

What is cuz slang for? ›

Cuz is an informal way of saying because. [US, spoken]

What are silly nicknames? ›

Funny Best Friend Nicknames
  • Nugget.
  • Teacup.
  • Oldie.
  • Shortie.
  • Kiddo.
  • Smarty.
  • Boomer.
  • Scout.
Mar 13, 2020

What are some hot nicknames? ›

Nicknames for your friend-with-benefits
  • Baby/Babe.
  • Sexy.
  • Hottie.
  • Doll.
  • Doll Face.
  • Big Guy.
  • Playboy.
  • Hunk.
Feb 6, 2023

What is the best nickname in the world? ›

Sometimes the name a person is given just isn't enough. They're too bad, too great, too weird, or the nickname you give them is too fun.
eufy Wall Light Security Camera
  • The Queen of the Bees. ...
  • The Great Asparagus. ...
  • The Little Impaler. ...
  • He Who Sees in the Dark. ...
  • The Unavoidable. ...
  • The Boneless. ...
  • The Black Swallow of Death.
Oct 1, 2015

How do you list a nickname? ›

Most stylebooks specify placing the nickname after the forename and enclosing it in quotation marks. Some stylebooks say parentheses may be used instead. Examples of the preferred form: General James "Mad Dog" Mattis, Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant, Prime Minister Margaret "Iron Lady" Thatcher.

What are some badass names? ›

Along with Ace and Axel, other badass boy names in the US Top 1000 include Blaze, Dash, Fox, Harley, Jagger, Justice, Ryker, and Wilder. Many badass names are also impressive occupations, among them Hunter, Pilot, Ranger, and Sargent.

Is nickname one word? ›

Nickname is a closed compound word, which is a word formed by joining two separate words together without a space or hyphen. Nickname may be used as a noun or a verb, related words are nicknames, nicknamed, nicknaming. Help Us Improve!

What is a personal nickname? ›

A nickname or short name is a substitute for the proper name of a familiar person, place or thing. Commonly used to express affection, a form of endearment, and sometimes amusement, it can also be used to express defamation of character.

What is a cool name? ›

  • Jack.
  • Harper.
  • Jacob.
  • Asher.
  • Aiden.
  • Luna.
  • Wyatt.
  • Leo.
Aug 14, 2022

What is a fun nickname? ›

Cool, Funny Nicknames For Guys

Shortie. Kiddo. Smarty. Boomer. Scout.

Can cousins marry cousins? ›

Twenty-four states prohibit marriages between first cousins. Twenty states and the District of Columbia allow cousins to marry; six states permit first-cousin marriage only under certain circumstances.

Is 2nd cousin blood? ›

Are second cousins blood-related? As the children of first cousins, second cousins are blood-related. Second cousins share great-grandparents and as first cousins share grandparents, the connection is halved with every new generation.

Can cousins mate? ›

Although taboo in some cultures, marriage between first cousins is accepted in many cultures around the world. The vast majority of children of first cousins are healthy and do not have problems due to their parents' relatedness.

What are clever team names? ›

1) Clever Team Names
  • Stampeders.
  • Strikers.
  • Office Tornadoes.
  • Usual Suspects.
  • Low Expectations.
  • One-Hit Wonders.
  • Virtuosos.
  • Atomic Bombs.
Jan 2, 2023

What is a good chat name? ›

BFF Group Chat Names
  • The Real Drama Club.
  • Gouda Friends.
  • Spice Girls.
  • Chamber of Secrets.
  • Girls, Gals, and Nonbinary Pals.
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  • My Imaginary Friends.
  • Ride or Die.
Dec 2, 2022

What are powerful group names? ›

Good Team Names
  • The Avengers.
  • MVP's.
  • Best in the Game.
  • The Kings.
  • Hustlers.
  • Iconic.
  • Bulletproof.
  • The Justice League.

Are cousins blood family? ›

Are first cousins blood-related? First cousins are blood relatives when you share a common ancestor(s). This is for either the maternal or paternal side, as the children of your uncles and aunts are your first cousins. Only adopted members of the family are not blood relatives.

Are cousins in blood relation? ›

A blood relative includes a parent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, nephew, niece, first cousin, or any of the aforementioned prefixed by "grand", "great-grand", or "great-great-grand."

What do you call your cousins lover? ›

When it comes to cousins, many people ask what is a cousin in law? This is a valid question, but a cousin in law is a term used to describe the husband or wife of someone's cousin. So, if your cousin married, their new partner would be your cousin-in-law.

What do you kids call your cousin? ›

share the same great grandparent (the parents of your grandparents). In English, it is customary to call cousins simply by their first names. For example, if Mary and Tom are siblings and they are my cousins, I would say: Mary and Tom are my cousins.

What are different cousins called? ›

First cousins share a grandparent (2 generations) Second cousins share a great-grandparent (3 generations) Third cousins share a great-great-grandparent(4 generations) Fourth cousins share a 3rd-great grandparent (5 generations)

What are some annoying nicknames? ›

20 most hated
  • Babe.
  • Sweet cheeks.
  • Snookums.
  • Baby doll.
  • Baby girl.
  • Muffin.
  • Ducky.
  • Baby cakes.
Aug 31, 2012

Who is a 2nd cousin to me? ›

A second cousin is a someone who shares a great-grandparent with you.

What am I if my cousin has a baby? ›

If first cousins have children, the children are second cousins to each other. They're the same generation because they share a set of great-grandparents. If second cousins have children, the children are third cousins to each other. They're in the same generation because they share a set of great-great-grandparents.

How do you address older cousins? ›

You would address the cousin same as you would any other relative, or person for that matter. Face to face, by their first name, if you know them, or are younger than you; Mr., Mrs., Miss or Ms. plus the last name if you don't know them or they are rather older than you are.


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