Activities for Bedridden Seniors (34 Fun Activities Together) (2023)

It's easy to lose interest in life when you're bedridden.

Many older adults feel that their lives are over when they are bedridden, but that couldn't be further from the truth. There are still plenty of great ways for caregivers and families to help bedridden seniors pass the time by participating in some great bedridden senior activities.

This is what we are going to cover: show

Activities to entertain a bedridden elderly person

Here are some great ideas to get you started.

1. Read together

Read them a book or, if they can, let them read it to you. Either way, they spend time together and encourage each other. You don't want to get carried away by a novel? Read them poetry or a storybook.

2. Solve a puzzle or quiz together

Two heads are always better than one, and you'll be amazed at how sharp their minds remain in solving puzzles and quizzes. Work on a word search orcrosswordstogether. Again, what one of you doesn't know, the other may know.

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3. Help them write letters to friends and family.

Bring a pack of cute stationery so they can write their own letters. Or ask someone else to dictate to you if writing is difficult for you. Post the letters to them. Then encourage your grandchildren and other family members to write to you as well.

4. Read old recipes together.

Ask her about her favorite recipes. Then ask them what changes they made that weren't on the map! You can even take it a step further and make some of the recipes for them to enjoy again. Wearthis recipe albumto keep an eye on them.

5. Give them a room with a view

Make sure they have a big picture window in their room and plant some flowers outside the window for them to enjoy. Add a bird or squirrel feeder to the view for even more entertainment. They can also add some wind chimes if they like to hear them. Open the window for fresh air.

6. Watch a movie or show together.

Streaming services make it really easy to find something you both like. You can also bring a DVD player and watch your favorite old time TV shows or movies.

7. Architect

Give them a manicure or pedicure (or both if time permits) and paint their nails. Comb your hair and maybe bring a scented lotion that you like to use in your spare time. It's amazing how a few minutes of pampering can lift the spirits of a bedridden elderly person.

8. Look at an old photo album

Ask them who is in the pictures. Also ask him about the story behind the pictures! You might want to make some notes about this so you can remember who's who later.

9. Invite a friend to visit

Then serve them tea and biscuits during their visit. Organize a tea party with them and make your favorites.

10. Ask him to share a favorite memory with you.

Ask about their childhood or young adult life. How was your education? What was your favorite pet? Again, you may want to take notes or record this to enjoy later.

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11. Make a mess of paper airplanes

Bring white paper and make paper airplanes. Try different layouts and discuss the dynamics. Have a race and see who can fly the furthest.

12. Ask the children or grandchildren to role-play for them

They can recreate their favorite books or a Christmas play or concert they participated in. Make sure it's fun and piques his interest.

13. Play some old records

Play some of your favorite oldies or use an online music streaming service to play your favorite oldies. You could go one step further and use the part as well. Don't be afraid to sing with them too!

14. Video chat with a friend.

Show the bedridden senior how to video chat with friends via Zoom, Facebook or Skype. Then leave the room and let him visit you for a while.

15. Give them a hand rub.

Massage your hands with a pleasantly scented lotion. Even a simple hand massage can have a big impact on improving your mood.

16. Getting beat up at a card game

Find out which one is your favoritecards gameen and challenge her to a game. To really lift their spirits, let them win!

17. Get dirty with play dough

Give them some play dough to work with. Try to make models of each other. This can also help exercise your hands!

18. Play your favorite board games

gamesboard games(Yahtzee, Scrabble, etc.). play dominoes play bingo Play Monopoly.

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19. Solve a puzzle

work in aPuzzletogether. Assemble a puzzle board to keep in case you can't do it all at once.

20. Introduce them to video games

Give them a tablet and teach them a fun video game. If they really like it, buy a game console and find more games they like.

21. Plan your favorite novel audiobook

Find out what your favorite novels are and play themaudio bookListening version. You can play it on a phone, tablet, or even tapes and DVDs borrowed from a library.

22. Build a Fairy Garden

Set up a fairy garden in the corner of the room for them to enjoy. Make up stories about fairies and what their lives could be like.

23. Working together on a craft project

Many simple crafts can be made at home. Some ideas include making a suncatcher, making a birdhouse, making potholders, or making a wreath. These crafts are easy to make and can be enjoyed by seniors and their families.

24. Take a knitting, crocheting or embroidery class

One way to do this is by teaching you to knit or crochet. Knitting and crocheting are easy jobs that anyone can enjoy and can be a great way to keep your mind sharp and your body active.

25. Help them write memoirs

Keep a journal and encourage them to write their life story. If they don't know how to write, you can write as they say and post it yourself for family members. If you need some inspiration, check out these"My Life Story" Workbook on Amazon.

26. Learn a new language together

There are many ways to learn new languages, from books to tapes and online services. Don't you want to learn a new verbal language? Then try to learn sign language together.

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27. Write a story together

They say a sentence to you, you say a sentence to them, and then you respond to them. They take turns writing the story together. It's a fun way to spend the afternoon. Who knows, maybe they'll write a great novel together. Not in the mood for romance? Instead, write poetry together.

28. Tell each other jokes

After all, laughter is good medicine. Make it a competition and see who can last the longest without laughing. For even more fun, don't be afraid to get (a little) dirty.

29. Wear a funny hat

Let's see if they say anything about it. Bring them one too and have a fun hat day. Wear a different hat each time you come.

30. Party

Host a party and make it a fun day by celebrating something like “the sun is shining”, flowers are blooming, new pets, etc. You can also do this on your birthday or on a holiday. make sure you do thema special dessertwith a candle to blow out (cupcakes are ideal for this).

31. Play on a blackboard

Take turns drawing something and set a timer or something else to see who can identify the most pictures.

32. Unwind an old yarn project to recycle it.

Take an old blanket, blanket or potholder and untie the thread. Feel free to use this for a fun future project.

33. Choose a theme for your room.

Go to a themed day regularly and decorate the room to match the theme. The beach, a mountain stream, fishing are all great ways to celebrate something unique and fun.

34. Make every day a vacation

Almost every day on the calendar is a special day honoring a famous person or event. Find out which holiday is on the day you are visiting and do some research. Bring the information and discuss it together.

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do it together

These are just a few of the many great ways to help someone who is bedridden pass the time. Whatever activity you choose, theThe key is to do it together.!

How about bringing a gift? Here are some ofThe best gifts for bedridden seniors..



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