Happy Belated Birthday: 40 Birthday Wishes + 5 Best Messages + 5 Great Tips (2023)

Many people have been in the situation where you look at your calendar and suddenly realize that birthdays are a few days before, but you completely forgot! To make sure your birthday wishes are considered too, we've got some suggestions for you below.

Forgetting the birthday of someone you care about is never a good thing, and most of the time it's not intentional. Still, you should make sure to send them some belated birthday wishes as soon as you think of them.

belated birthday wishes

Happy Belated Birthday: 40 Birthday Wishes + 5 Best Messages + 5 Great Tips (1)

belated birthday wishes

Late birthday wishes are not a particularly pleasant thing to do, but with the right saying or message, you're sure to put a smile on the birthday boy or girl's face, even if it's late.

funny belated birthday wishes

Humor can take the seriousness out of many situations, including the embarrassment of forgetting a birthday. So why not enjoy your own forgetfulness and lighten your mood a bit?

Here we have some fun ways to say happy belated birthday. So if someone is upset that you forgot their birthday, they're bound to forget soon.

  1. My dog ​​ate your birthday card so my birthday wishes are a bit late. Anyway, I wish you all the best, and my belated love.
  2. I'm sure you didn't expect me to wish you a happy birthday in time, and I don't want to disappoint you.
  3. I once heard that late birthday wishes pay doubleluck. So now I congratulate you. From the heart: happy belated birthday!
  4. Unfortunately, I was abducted by aliens on your birthday. But luckily I'm back on Earth now and can finally congratulate you. Happy birthday!
  5. It's not just you, I'm old and forgetful too. Sorry I forgot your birthday. So here are some belated birthday wishes!
  6. Better belated birthday wishes than no wishes, right? Thankfully I still remember! Happy belated birthday!
  7. I'm a little late because I want to give you time to adjust to the new age. But now I think I can start congratulating you. Happy belated birthday!
  8. In some cultures it's considered polite to be late, so I'm just trying to be polite. Happy belated birthday!
  9. sorry i'm stupid
    slightly back this year
    and leave your birthday
    Forget it baby!
    Happy belated birthday!
  10. I want you to celebrate your birthday the way you were born - naked and screaming. Happy belated birthday!

Here you can find tons of funny birthday wishes that you can send afterward.

short belated birthday wishes

Happy Belated Birthday: 40 Birthday Wishes + 5 Best Messages + 5 Great Tips (2)

short belated birthday wishes

If you're running out of room for cards, or want your belated birthday wishes to appear on a cake or a funny photo, it's best to keep your birthday wishes short. Or maybe you just want to add a nice word to end a longer personal message you've written.

  1. Unfortunately my congratulations come too late...but again from my heart: all the best!
  2. I'll sit on the naughty steps and think about how I forgot your birthday. Happy belated birthday!
  3. My birthday wishes may be late, but it means you have so much more to celebrate. all the best!
  4. Just wanted to say happy belated birthday!
  5. Everyday congratulations are fine, as long as they come from the heart, right? So, whatever the procrastination!
  6. Better late than never! I hope you had a great day. Happy belated birthday.
  7. I just don't want your birthday to be over, so right now I just want to wish you a happy birthday. the best!
  8. You just don't look old that's why I forgot your birthday! all the best!
  9. Whoops, overslept. Happy belated birthday!
  10. Happy belated birthday man! Sorry to miss the big day, but I wanted to extend your birthday celebrations a little.

This is the title of the box

If you forget someone's birthday and want to send them some belated congratulations, the correct phrase is "happy belated birthday" because it means the congratulations are overdue. The phrase "happy belated birthday" is technically incorrect because it implies that the birthday itself is belated, but since it refers to the day someone was born, that's not the case.

sorry i forgot your birthday wishes

Happy Belated Birthday: 40 Birthday Wishes + 5 Best Messages + 5 Great Tips (3)

sorry i forgot your birthday wishes

If you're feeling really sad about forgetting someone's birthday, or you're just not feeling well, you can choose one of our sad birthday wishes.

They can be used to ask the birthday girl to forgive your forgetfulness, and some even have cute rhymes.

  1. My hearty, belated congratulations!
    I'm sorry you're late.
    Please forgive me!
    Hope my best wishes bring you some joy!


  2. I know you must have been waiting to hear from me and I'm sorry I missed your special day.
    But you know what they say my friends - save the best for last!
    Happy birthday!


  3. my memory is a sieve
    I sincerely hope you can forgive me.
    Happy belated birthday,
    Stay healthy and I hope your dreams come true!


  4. Happy birthday to you my friend. Life is so busy right now that I even forget about your special day. I hope you had a great time with your family and friends.


  5. Sorry, I'm only texting right now.
    I'm scared and don't know what to do
    I managed to forget about your special day.
    Trust me, I know it won't work!
    Please accept my belated congratulations,
    I wish you a good mood!

  6. I regret not being able to wish you a happy birthday in time, but it was actually on purpose because I wanted to give you a big surprise. I hope you had a great day. Happy birthday to you my friend.


  7. Even though these birthday wishes came a little late, they were still filled with love from my friend. That doesn't mean I don't care. Sorry for the delay – happy belated birthday!


  8. Forgive me for being late.
    But I congratulate you more, friend,
    I send you my best wishes - so don't feel bad.
    Wishing you a wonderful year of health, happiness and success.
    I look forward to our next meeting - in your best attire.
    Happy belated birthday! I'll be on time next year - more or less!


  9. please don't be mad at me
    Even if I'm shy - I agree.
    your birthday has passed
    But I promise I'm not being mean.
    So I apologize and keep it short:
    Happy belated birthday, old friend!


  10. Hello, I'm sorry I forgot your birthday, my friend. Please accept these belated birthday wishes. I hope your birthday was wonderful.


Belated Birthday Wishes for Whatsapp

Happy Belated Birthday: 40 Birthday Wishes + 5 Best Messages + 5 Great Tips (4)

Belated Birthday Wishes for Whatsapp

Sometimes the stress of everyday life doesn't allow us to do anything else and we have to resort to quick digital means.

You might just want to send your belated birthday wishes as quickly as possible, so WhatsApp is often the quickest solution.

  1. Belated digital birthday wishes are here! Happy belated birthday!
  2. My phone is gone.
    I haven't seen you for days!
    That's why today is
    This is my first chance to say:
    Happy belated birthday!
  3. I'm late, congratulations...
    But I still miss you!
    so i won't keep you waiting
    Happy belated birthday - I hope it happens!
  4. It's not just you, I'm getting older and more reserved too. Sorry I am only writing to you now. Happy belated birthday!
  5. As we age, we become increasingly forgetful. I'm really sorry I forgot about your special day. Happy belated birthday!
  6. I don't know how I lost track of the days. I hope you can understand the situation I'm in. Happy belated birthday and all the best for the coming year.
  7. It’s not too late for me to wish you a happy birthday – I just think someone as special as you deserves to be celebrated the next day too. Have a great day.
  8. You look the same every year and I guess that's why I forget you're getting older. Happy belated birthday.
  9. I did forget your birthday, but I didn't forget you, and that's all that matters. I hope you have the happiest year ever!

A bigger message for sending belated birthday wishes

Happy Belated Birthday: 40 Birthday Wishes + 5 Best Messages + 5 Great Tips (5)

A bigger message for sending belated birthday wishes

If you feel that the phrases and wishes you've seen so far are a bit too short and lacking in personalization, here are some longer messages you can customize and useinspiration

  1. Dear [name],
    Unfortunately I missed your special day this year. But forgetting a birthday doesn't mean the person is also forgotten.
    You are always on my mind, unfortunately I am a little forgetful when it comes to dating. I hope you had a great day and wish you all a happy belated birthday and good spirits. I love you!

  2. Dear [name],
    We are all used to everyday stress. Work, family, and other little things come into play, and before you know it, you forget about the special day of someone you care about.
    I hope you are not mad at me. Soon we'll be going out together [to a movie, to a restaurant...] and I'll make up for my forgetfulness! Until then, have a great day. Belated congratulations!

  3. Dear [name],
    I want to give you a good reason why I don't wish you a happy birthday. but no. I'm just a forgetful person and I'm sorry I overslept on your special day. So I wish you all the best and all your wishes and dreams come true.

  4. Dear [name],
    I am slower than any snail, more scattered than a forgetful geek. Sorry I forgot your birthday. I hope you don't feel too bad.
    As a balance, I invite you to dinner (or any other event, of course) and we can have a great evening together. Until then, all the best!

  5. Dear [name],
    I could write you a novel and make up some ridiculous story to explain why I forgot your birthday. But now me and my problems don't matter, what matters is you and your special day.
    I wish you all the best and dreams come true in the coming year.

Top Tips For Belated Birthday Wishes

Happy Belated Birthday: 40 Birthday Wishes + 5 Best Messages + 5 Great Tips (6)

Top Tips For Belated Birthday Wishes

Your birthday fades from your memory - it happened. However, this is not a good situation for the birthday boy or yourself. Of course, the more important the birthday boy or girl is to you, the worse it gets.

Who likes to forget a mother's or brother's birthday? Besides friends, family members are especially affected when this special day is forgotten.

to be honest

Everyone forgets birthdays occasionally. This is far from the end of the world, which is why you should be honest in acknowledging and justifying your little false enthusiasm.

There's no need to make up some crazy story about stress at work or illness at home: just admit honestly that you just forgot about the day.

Otherwise, your situation will get worse when your lie is caught. Everyone forgets things from time to time. It's annoying, but it happens. No one will be mad at you for this.

However, when you make up a story and your lie is exposed, it's much more worth getting angry about.

avoid lengthy excuses

When sending belated birthday wishes, don't forget who their recipients are. Instead of using the never-ending story of your life to justify why you missed an important date, it's congratulating the birthday boy after the fact.

If there is a very important reason, you can of course simply mention it. However, it shouldn't be about getting as much sympathy as possible from the birthday child. After all, you want her to make her smile with your belated birthday wishes, not beg for attention.

Enjoy belated birthday wishes

In general, it's a good idea to joke about how forgetful you are and how easily you forget. It brightens and uplifts the mood, and your little grudges against yourself are quickly forgotten after a few laughs.

However, it also depends on whose birthday you forgot. If your mom, your partner or your friends are really mad at you, you should show remorse and not make fun of the whole thing too much.

don't wait too long

Happy Belated Birthday: 40 Birthday Wishes + 5 Best Messages + 5 Great Tips (7)

don't wait too long

If you find yourself forgetting your own birthday, you should be congratulated as soon as possible.

There's no hard limit to when it's too late, but try not to wait weeks, months, or even six months later.

If you want to send written birthday wishes, it will be fine in a few days, but it will become more and more difficult as time goes on. Still, if you're not that close with the birthday child and happen to see them again in two or three weeks, there's nothing wrong with a belated congratulations.

If you're lucky, they won't even expect you to know their date of birth, and will gladly accept any request.

custom map

Especially if you want to joke about forgetting someone's birthday, it's a good idea to spice up your birthday card -- for example, you could draw a snail, a turtle, or a cute, sleepy animal.

If you still want to give a gift after the fact and feel guilty for not giving it sooner, you might want to give something special, like a cake. That way, your little mistakes will be quickly forgiven.

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