Is Tikkok dangerous for teenagers? (2023)

How much do you know about Tikok? You may have heard about it, but I didn't use it. If you used Tiktok, you can see it as an application for teenage videos, the functions or fun candies that animals from animals fromPet do the tricks, but it's more than that.

For the beginning, Tiktok is nowThe most downloaded application in the worldYThe most visited site in the worldBefore Google (#2) and Facebook (#3).more than onethousand millionsDifferent videosThey are seen in Tiktok.Your unique algorithm.If you join Tikkok, you will ask some questions about your interests and what kind of things you would like to see. You need to watch what videos you are watching and, above all,how much timeYou pass to look at you and which videos you seem more than once. Algorithm bothers your preferences. In the interior, a few hours or even minutes your videos will be more specific and adapted to your interests.

The results are afraid."Tiktok can read my thoughts"It is a frequent choir between the young brightness or a video of a beautiful girl who dances in a way that attracts a certain boy and carries exactly the clothes the boy finds more refreshing and exactly the movements to which the boy I am most irresistible toAnd the same applies to sexual variations. "Tiktok knew it was bisexual(or gay or trans) before doing so, "a set on -line.

Can you like the dummy?

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Tiktok is adapted. Can being addicted, but is it really harmful to teenagers?

It depends on how a teenager uses it.

Adolescence can be confused. Young people struggle to find out who they are. You'll online to get information and instructions. Texas Children's Hospital doctors used to see one, perhaps two teenagers a year with the newly solitary Tourette syndrome.primavera 2020 andAutumn 2021 ,,This number rose to about 60.Posquiers around the world: from the south Atlantic Island of Santa Helena to Nueva Caledonia in the South Pacific to almost every part of the planet where children have access to the internet - the report startedAn increase of adolescents diagnosed with Tourette syndrome.Muites of these girls call "beans!" At unpredictable intervals. Psychiatricians in England call these girls "EVIS" because their behavior is similar to Evie Meg Field, whose Tiktok videos have gained more than more than more14 million followersAnd over 500 million like. In a characteristic video, Evie exaggerates "beans". In a previous time, the sudden appearance may seem countless teenagers that "beans" were called mass hysteria. This is the favorite term "" "Social networking disease. "

Other problems can quickly lead to a rabbit. Va to Tiktok and give "how can I lose weight?" And there will be many options.# DietHe had over 11 billion opinions.In just 16 days(This specific video had over 32 million visits). If you go through the videos, it's easy to collect more videos in a spiral that speaks directly about an individual situation.Aalysa Moukheiber, nutritionist in a residential treatment center for eating disorders in northern Illinois,data"The Tiktok algorithm is very strong." Algorithmic girls in a world that promises physical perfection if they have tried only a little more.

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Girls who publish videos on Tiktok soon find that their on -line popularity is connected to their sexuality.writtenThese 60% of girls treated since last summer have published "sexually inappropriate" videos in Tikkok. A similar observation comes from Paul Suneri, director of the New Horizons Children and Families in El Dorado Hills, California, which isaffectedAbout the growing number of girls who publish sexualized videos about Tiktok."For a girl who develops her identity, it's very destructive to put such a sexual world," he says."When girls are rewarded for their sexuality, they believe they believe their value is as they seem." Sunseri estimates that approximately a quarter of the girls in their clinic have published sex content in Tiktok.

Children are not immune. A growing number of young people getChupa algorithm no algorithm tikkeThis usually means that you watch tiktok videos of larger, muscular youth than you.Big Oh Hot Solution, "Children are obsessed with muscle appearance inThe rockAnd the whole cinematic universe of He-Men da Marvel de He-Men.

Advice for parents

What can a father do against Tiktok?

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The first step is that parents have an open conversation with their daughters and their children, about Tiktok's dangers. Ori girls say: "I saw him in Tiktok" with the same authority as a middle -aged woman.Said: "I heard Dr. Oz". In two cases, the -voice cites an authority that considers it is not questioned. It is decisive, even if I have 10 million.

At what age a child should be in Tikok? Jean Twenge, the main researcher in our country in relation to the development of children and adolescents affecting the development of children and adolescents.RecommendedThat no child under 13 should be on social networks, including Tikkok. It would add that many 13 -year -olds are not ready.A healed version of your applicationFor U -13.They do not use it. This irrigated version should promote interest in the adult version. From children -you are not happy to be in the child version of anything. And the pre -adolescent quickly discovers that they can easily accessThe full version if you go to bed more than your age.

As with all social networks, the father should restrict, govern and guide the use of his teenager. In this point, we have no evidence that 10 or 15 minutes a day in Tiktok or social networks are usually harmful.learnFrom more than 220,000 adolescents, the risk of bad results increased on average after more than 30 minutes of social networks a day (see, for example,Figure 3) .This study was published in 2019, based on data collected in front of Tikok, the most viewed social networks for teens. An hour a day in Tiktok is definitely too much. Past an hour a day for Tiktok.I recommend parents.instaleParents of application monitoring to limit how long children spend on Tiktok.

Many parents come back here. A father said to me, "I think it's an important daughter in the application."I remember the parents that I see many teenagers, he created the two Tikok accounts.Show parents and follow their parents of the family couple's option.The other is the royal report in which the daughter seeks or publishes the videos you don't see or publish.

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Then the father says, "MeinThe daughter would never create a secret account just to fool me."I explain if all the girl's friends do and advise that everything is her, but I won" you do it because I don't want to be wrong. "This evil surveillance application that sees everything, what I do! "

Anne Sena is St. Director of Technology at St.David's School in Raleigh, North Carolina, I recently told me that I was usingTo callApplication for parental monitoring to monitor and limit their adolescents' on -line activities on social networks, electronic browsers, web and youtube.Circle Home PlusDevices as well as Apple's screen time and Microsoft family security to apply time limits and offer an additional research level to family computers. There are other similar surveillance and filter programs, including theDOSL APPLICATIONfor parents to choose.

"This seems a lot of work," said one mother the other day, when I suggested this example of Senea, and it can be, especially for those of us who are not familiar with VPNs and time controls on the screen. However, if these steps reduce theRisk of more adolescents become anxious and/or depressed, I think the additional effort is.

I recently talked to a young student from last year at university. He admits that he used to spend up to four hours a day in Tikkok, but one of her teachers inspired her to take control of her time, and now she spends 5 minutes a day orless on the request. She says she set Tikkok to show him only the videos that are closely related to his professional interests. He has to reduce. I am aware of the honor, to find the courage to rule, even if many of his colleaguesthey cannot or may not.

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Leonard Sax MD PhDHe is a family doctor and author of four books for his parents, including the collapse of paternity, which was a successful sale of the New York Times.

Editor's Note: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official guidelines or opinions of the Institute of Family Studies.


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