Johnny Depp against Amber Heart Summary: May 31, 2022 (2023)

See how Depp arrives at Jeff Beck in London Rah

Johnny Defhas appeared twice on stage with Jeff Beck in the last two nightsWhile the English guitarist continues his European tour.

Depp hit headlines on Sunday when he closed Beck on the stage in Sheffield when the duo made a series of covers (John Lennon, Marvin Gayeandjimi Hendrix.)

Yesterday night (May 30) Depp returned to the stage while Beck's show at Royal Albert Hall in London.Beck will play a second set tonight (May 31) at the event venue, although it is unclear if Depp will join him again.

"We kept calm for obvious reasons", "Beck can be seen that the movie material was recorded by a fan present before introducing Depp on the stage in London.

Clock: Material from the movie theater of the last day of Depp V listened

Friday was the last day of the court of the court in case of defamation between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard,With both sides, their final arguments are delivered in front of the Circuit Court in Fairfax Country, Virginia. SIE can try it again in the video below.

On Thursday, the teams of the week ended both parties and a series of witnesses.The jury returns today, on May 31, to continue the consultations, and we could have a trial at any time.

Content warning:The Integrated Live IFeded comes directly from the Court Chamber, where there is strong language and references to content that includes sex, violence and drug abuse.Discretion is recommended.

Elon Musk tweeded about Depp and heard

When you read below, you will know that Elon Musk was part of this conversation and over the weekend to Twitter (you know, this platform she likes a lot) for her former stand and her ex -Hangue about a desirable positive future.

"I hope you two will continue. In the best case, they are amazing."He tweeted on Saturday.

This was an answer to Atweet, he said:"Johnny Depp's snack positions against Amber Heard's trial: 1. Fame is an infernal drug (for some) 2. Psychiatrists and lawyers come in drastic skills. 4 To be love, can be a fifth mega -quantic layer wine".

(Video) Jury Asks Question in Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard Defamation Trial

We messages.

The attention focuses on Johnny Depp to sing to Jeff Beck, like a jury, a trial in Amber Heard decides

Since the jury received a break on the weekend of the day fallen, we may have expected Johnny Depp to hide in a silent retreat until his verdict ended.

Although Depp is best known for his show, he played in films such as The Rum Diary, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, The Tourist and The Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise.It is also a cotton swab on the guitar and plays for the Hollywood vampire group,What he established in 2012 with Alice Cooper (the name of the band of his 1970s drinks club) and Joe Perry.

And during the weekend, as the jury considered, the man who made Jack Sparrow made a well -known name wasOn stage as a surprise guest in the city of Sheffield, England.He was part of Jeff Beck's European tour and the crowd was surprised to see DeppHe sings his cover of the isolation of John Lennon's song.As you can in the article, there was a lot of love for man in court ...

How were Elon Musk and Amber known first?

During the process,Depp proposed that Heard started a romantic relationship with Musk before the actors had officially shared.However, Heard describes events differently and explained that she became friends with Tesla CEO after Depp received the MET 2016 gala.

The red carpet event took place on May 2, 2016 in New York City and was invited by Ralph Lauren.He said he could not take care of Depp's whereabouts because he threw the phone through the window.

(Video) Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial ends verdict...May 31, 2022

"He was in front of a gentleman in line. It was Elon," said the court.

"It seemed to be a real gentleman. He was really kind," he added."I was sitting at a nearby table and we had to talk that night and finally became friends."

Heard and Musk are said to light and off between 2016 and 2018 and were mentioned on their list of witnesses for the process.

In statements of opening for judicial proceedings,Heard's lawyers said Depp was "obsessed" with muschus at that time.Carino, who had already served as Heard and Depp agent, said Heard was without muschus with Muschus when he tried to reconcile with Depp.

We messages.

What nickname Johnny Depp Elon Musk gave in the texts that were read during the exam?

As we have seen, the jury received the correspondence between Depp and Heard, as well as both parties that need to present their situation.

Last Wednesday, Amps News read his friend, talent agent Christian Carino, in court, withReference to billionaire Elon Musk, who began a relationship with ear after he separated with Depp.

He described Tesla's CEO several times as "Mollusco" and wrote, "Let's see if Mollusk has a partner."

"Come and look at me face to face," wrote Depp. "I'll show him things I had never seen before ... Like the other side of his d ** k when I cut him."

To know moreIn this strange homemade name.

DEPP V Listened to Judgment: A Fast Summary

(Video) Depp v. Heard: Experts Analyze Body Language in the Courtroom

DEPP, 58, demanded in Virginia for $ 50 millionAnd he argued that she slander him when he called herself "a public personality that called home abuse."

The 36 -year -old ear countered for US $ 100 millionI said Depp ladled her when his lawyer described his accusations as "joke."

I heard his closed testimony on Thursday and said he was"Maternal, humiliated, threatened on social networks"From the star of "Pirates of the Caribbean" of physical and sexual abuse, she was accused.

"People want to kill me and tell me every day, "said Heary, said"People want to put my baby in the microwave." He heard a girl adopted in July 2021. She said continuous harassment wasPart of the Depp Crusade to humiliate them publicly.

Depp admitted to writing in a 2016 text that he heard "begging" for being "begging" total global humiliation.And "she'll understand." He said she was angry when she learned she had physically abused her.

"I wanted to ruin my career," he said listening to the jury"The threats he has made to humiliate me all over the world are lived in real time, in front of him and around the world."Depp fought to beat the headphones or a woman and said she was the one who became violentIn their relationship, the couple met in 2011 when it filmed "The Rum Diary" and married in February 2015.His divorce was completed about two years later.

"No one is perfect," Depp said on Wednesday."But I never committed sexual aggression in my life, physical abuse. "


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Who is Camille Vásquez?

She has announced a complete media series in the week, but you know Johnny Depp's lawyer Camille Vásquez?Otherwise, we will provide a little more information. If you are a lawyer for Rudnick Brown, a large international law firm, the investigation of the investigation led.

According to the company, its specialized knowledge is in "Problems of managing parallel to the reputation and communication of crisis that arise from these commitments."" "He was hired to be part of Depp's team based on his experience in" demands of demand on the plaintiff's side "and contractual disputes.

He graduated from the University of Southern California.Y you J.D.D.Samwestern Law SCOLO OF LAW IN 2010.

It was selected to be part of the Vondepp teamAccording to their experience, representing people through defamation fantasies that emerged from "highly published charges for criminal behavior."

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We messages.

What is the expected date of the sentence in Johnny Depp against Amber Heard's trial?

When we expect the news received at the trial, let's think about what happened in the last days of the process.

Johnny Depp's lawyers tried to discredit Amber Heard's abuse statementsIn the process of defamation of the former partner, he presented a knife he gave to the star "Pirates of the Caribbean" as a gift and love notes she wrote.

At the beginning of the procedure last Tuesday ,,,Lawyer Camille Vásquez asked the jury to examine the knife bought to Depp.In 2012, Heard testified that Depp had already become violent at that time.

"Is this the knife you gave the man who is drunk and violent?"He asked the lawyer"This is the knife I gave you as a gift," he said, adding that he didn't believe that clicking on her.

Full story

Johnny Depp contra Amber Heard Trial: Welcome

Good morning and well -ing to our daily report on the attempt to defamAmber Heard and Johnny Deppon on Tuesday, May 31, 2022.

All certificates were heard, all the evidence presented and the lawyers from both parties presented their final speed arguments that can be informed about the sentence.

Today, after the Fallen Day weekend break, the jury members return and we are waiting for news.

Let's keep it up to date through developments or messages related all day.

(Video) Why did the Internet Turn on Amber Heard? (H&H | 5-31-22)


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