Now Will Smith and Chris Rock's relationship after the Oscars incident (2023)

This article provides details on the recent Oscar incident between Will Smith and Chris Rock, courtesy of USA Today. The author managed to find interesting information about the conflict between the two historical actors. “The story resonated with fans of both actors, who commented and discussed it on Twitter. Smith's supporters said Rock crossed the line by not showing Smith the respect he deserves as a critically acclaimed actor. Rock's supporters said it's wrong to categorize people and put them in an uncomfortable box. The mainstream media is unwilling to publicly criticize Hollywood's increasingly mean-spirited behavior, but this incident shows how far we've strayed from decency," writes USA Today writer Bob Strauss.

What You Should Know: This is one of those situations where people act like jerks on social media, but given the facts, the writing is on the wall. No one should be too happy with this conflict between


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Now, what are the ramifications of this Will Smith and Chris Rock slap?

After Will Smith and Chris Rock's tense reunion at the Oscars, the now-public tension between the two stars has only increased. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Rock addresses the altercation and its aftermath, saying he doesn't know what Smith was thinking when he hit him.

"I don't know what I was thinking," Rock told Rolling Stone. "It just didn't feel like a real slap in the face." He continues: "I'm pretty sure it didn't look like a real slap on TV."

Smith's rep told E! News that the actor is not commenting on the situation.

While their relationship likely won't be mended any time soon, Rock's comments offer a glimpse into what went down between them on Oscar night. It seems that Smith was furious after Rock made a joke about his daughter, Jada Pinkett Smith. Rock reportedly said, "That's a tough act: being Will Smith's daughter." While that joke might not have been funny to all viewers, it apparently bothered Smith.

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Rock also touched on how it felt to be beaten by Smith, admitting he wasn't sure what

Was it just a mistake or does it have a bigger meaning?

after the oscarsWill Smithand Chris Rock had a very public feud. The two actors traded insults throughout the show, but things took a turn for the worse after Chris Rock won Best Actor in a Leading Role. Smith took to his Instagram Story to say, "Hey, this black guy won best actor... I was going to say something but then I saw he was black so I didn't." he said, "Yo Will Smith, I saw your performance. It was really bad. You could have done better. The two finally buried the hatchet, but their relationship now seems tenuous at best. What does this mean for their future cooperation?"

Why did this happened?

Looks like Chris Rock isn't too happy about Will Smith's 'Good Morning America' interview after winning an Oscar.

The two appeared at the Oscars together and Will Smith expressed his admiration for Chris Rock.

However, after the interview, Chris Rock took to his Twitter account to say some negative things about Will Smith.

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The two have since reconciled, but this incident raises some interesting questions about the relationship between the celebrity and his fans.

What is the etiquette when a star interacts with their fans? What do fans of their favorite stars expect? And how do these incidents affect the long-term relationships between celebrities and their fans?

What does that mean for the movie and possible follow-up projects?

After the Oscars incident, in which Will Smith and Chris Rock apparently exchanged heated words, the relationship between the two men suffered quite a bit. However, that does not mean that their projects have been cancelled, or that they will not collaborate again in the future. In fact, at a press conference for his new movie, Collateral Beauty, Smith said it's "great" that he and Rock aren't friends anymore. The two men were also recently seen filming new projects together. What does that mean for the movie and possible follow-up projects?

It's unclear how things played out between Smith and Rock at the Oscars, but given their past public spats, it's no surprise that things got pretty heated. However, both men appear to be coming to terms with the incident and are still working together on new projects. This includes filming new scenes for Collateral Beauty, which is due out later this year.

It's possible this incident could cause some tension between the two men during production, but so far it seems like they're handling things diplomatically. That's good news for those hoping to see more Smith and Rock collaborations in the future.

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What were your thoughts and reactions to the incident?

Now that the Oscars dust has settled, it's safe to say that Will Smith and Chris Rock's relationship isn't quite as good as it used to be. When Smith was apparently caught lip-syncing on tape during a performance of his song "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," Rock took to Twitter to express his disbelief and disappointment.

It looks like this incident will be the last nail in the coffin between Smith and Rock. they have been fighting for years. The actor is considered one of the biggest critics. When it comes to comedians and cartoon characters. There have been many incidents between the two, but this is definitely the most serious and interesting one. You can see Rock's tweets below. This isn't the first time Smith has been caught lip-syncing at live shows. In January, Smith was also seen lip-syncing during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Maybe he should stop singing live? It certainly doesn't add to his reputation among comics! Should Will Smith apologize to Chris Rock? Sound off in the comments section below!

How has the public reacted to the dispute so far?

Both actors attended the Oscars on Sunday night, and things went wrong. Will Smith and Chris Rock were reportedly involved in a fight backstage. After the first put the second in the face for his black jokes. The two were seen exchanging heated words before things got worse.

Since then, the public has had a lot to say about the incident. Some sided with Smith while others defended Rock.

Meanwhile, others called for Smith to be fired from the Oscars. See what people are saying about it in their tweets below. Some even went so far as to say that Smith should not return to the Oscars next year. As reported by the Inquisitr a few years ago. Will Smith was involved in a backstage altercation with Madonna during the 2011 Academy Awards and was thrown out of the event. However, as one Twitter user pointed out on Monday night. Fans aren't happy about Will Smith's removal from the Oscars stage this year.

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What happened to Will Smith after the Oscars? ›

He issued a written statement one day after the Oscar slap, apologizing to Rock, the Academy, and “all the attendees and everyone watching around the world.” Days afterward, he resigned from the Academy, and later accepted a 10-year ban from the Academy Awards.

What did Steve Harvey say about Will Smith at the Oscars? ›

Steve Harvey Says Will Smith's Oscars Slap Was a 'Punk Move' and He Has 'Lost a Lot of Respect' for Actor. Family Feud host Steve Harvey said his respect for Will Smith took a nose-dive after he slapped Chris Rock onstage at the Oscars.

Are Will Smith and Dwayne Johnson friends? ›

It seems like he's rubbing shoulders with his fellow A-listers again, but his relationship with Dwayne, 50, is a double whammy we didn't expect. In his latest social media post, Will, 54, has revealed himself to be Dwayne aka The Rock's so-called Instagram friend and became the man behind the camera.

What was that tie that Will Smith was wearing at the Oscars? ›

Smith was also sharply dressed in a black Dolce and Gabbana 3-piece suit, complete with a matching tuxedo jacket and vest, over a white shirt. Completing his ensemble were sparkling tie jewels by Cartier.

Who is the rock's best friend? ›

Dwayne Johnson's new baby in 2018 brought a lot of happy memories to the actor and his loved ones. However, it also brought in memes and a back-and-forth on social media with his best friend Kevin Hart.

Who is best friends with Will Smith? ›

DJ Jazzy Jeff

"There has never been a time in my life when I didn't look to the side and have a great friend, and it is so important who your friends are. And DJ Jazzy Jeff, for more than half of my life, has been one of the best friends I've ever had in this world."

Is Tom Cruise still friends with Will Smith? ›

Tom Cruise has rejected any relationship with Will Smith after slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars. It was the slap which rocked the world, Will Smith taking to the Oscars stage and slapping the host, Chris Rock, yet it has permanently damaged his relationship with Tom Cruise.

Was Will Smith allowed to stay at the Oscars? ›

Smith, who won best actor this year, can still be nominated for Oscars, industry officials said, but will be unable to attend the Academy Awards ceremony and other events. As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month.

Did Will Smith get a standing ovation at the Oscars? ›

Will Smith Got a Standing Ovation at the Oscars Party He Attended After Slapping Chris Rock. Hours after an altercation with Chris Rock on stage at the 94th Academy Awards, Will Smith kiiiiind of went MIA.

Why wasn't Will Smith removed Oscars? ›

The producer of the Oscars has said he prevented Will Smith from being "physically removed" from the ceremony because "Chris Rock did not want that".

Who gave the longest speech at the Oscars? ›

The longest Oscar speech was given by Greer Garson at the 15th Academy Awards after she was named Best Actress for 1942 for Mrs. Miniver. Her speech ran for nearly six minutes.

Is Dwayne Johnson considered a nice guy? ›

He really is a super nice guy.

He just did it because he's that kind of guy.” “Every single movie, we do these events for the Make-a-Wish Foundation,” says producer Flynn. “When you're shooting a $140 million movie, every day is super valuable – but Dwayne will spend the whole day with these kids.

Who is Kevin Hart's best friend? ›

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart are the best of friends — but not exactly the best at birthday gifts.

Are Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson close friends? ›

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart have always been the funniest and wittiest duo when it comes to Hollywood friendships. Not only they are friends in real life but also they have done five movies together. Apart from the movies, you can always find them attending interviews together and roasting the hell out of each other.

Who did Will Smith admit to falling in love with? ›

While making the acclaimed 1993 drama Six Degrees of Separation, Will Smith found himself experiencing a one-sided love with his co-star Stockard Channing.

What co star did Will Smith fall in love with? ›

Will Smith has opened up about falling in love with his then-co-star Stockard Channing while working on the film Six Degrees of Separation. The actor has written about his past feelings for Channing in his forthcoming memoir Will, which will be released on 9 November.

Who is Leonardo DiCaprio best friend? ›

2. Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire. DiCaprio and Maguire have one of the longest-lasting friendships in Hollywood. The two met for the first time as kid actors auditioning back in the 80s and reportedly bonded after learning they were both raised by single mothers in Los Angeles.

What is Will Smith's net worth in 2022? ›

$350 Million

Is Tom Cruise a billionaire yet? ›

Is Tom Cruise a billionaire? No. Tom Cruise is not a billionaire, although, with a net worth of approximately $600 million and growing, he's unlikely to complain.

Will Smith refused to leave the Oscars after slap? ›

LOS ANGELES — The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said Wednesday that the actor Will Smith was asked to leave the Oscars ceremony after he slapped Chris Rock onstage Sunday night, but that the actor refused to go.

What does it mean for an actor to resign from the Academy? ›

What does resigning from the Academy mean? When someone resigns from the the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that means no longer have any voting rights. They also no longer get access to Academy screenings of films to watch before voting.

Did Will Smith get punished by the Oscars? ›

Although Will Smith resigned from the Academy following his Oscars slap of Chris Rock, the organization has imposed a hefty penalty against the actor: A 10-year ban from the Oscars, as well as all Academy-related events.

What stars gave Will Smith a standing ovation? ›

Mila Kunis blasted the standing ovation that Will Smith received at the Academy Awards in March for winning Best Actor, after he slapped Chris Rock.

Why was there a standing ovation for Will Smith? ›

Several videos from the Oscar-2022 ceremony indicate that Will Smith did indeed receive a standing ovation from the audience as he was announced the winner in the Best Actor category. He took to the stage again some time after his initial clash with Rock. The media could not be played.

Is Will Smith going to lose his Oscar? ›

While Weinstein and Roman Polanski have been ejected from the Academy due to their respective sexual abuse scandals, both men still have their Oscars, the Los Angeles Times reports. This makes it highly unlikely that Smith will lose his trophy, even though it was awarded shortly after his onstage attack of Rock.

Was Will Smith asked to leave the Awards ceremony? ›

Will Smith was asked to leave Sunday night's Oscars ceremony after he slapped Chris Rock but refused to do so, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said Wednesday in announcing that it had begun disciplinary proceedings.

Does Will Smith lose his Oscar if he resigns? ›

What does the resignation mean for Smith? When he resigned from the Academy, Smith gave up those aforementioned perks. His resignation, however, does not mean he will lose his Oscar for his role in "King Richard." He can also be nominated again in the future and be invited back to the ceremony, according to Variety.

Why did Will Smith quit the Oscars? ›

The producer of the telecast, Will Packer, said that Smith had been asked to leave after slapping Rock, and that he had urged officials not to “physically remove” the actor. As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month.

Why Will Smith refused to leave the Oscars? ›

Will Smith refused to leave the Oscars after slapping Chris Rock, academy says. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced Wednesday that Will Smith was asked to leave the Oscars ceremony after he slapped Chris Rock, but Smith refused.

Was Will Smith asked to leave the Oscars and refuse? ›

LOS ANGELES — The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said Wednesday that the actor Will Smith was asked to leave the Oscars ceremony after he slapped Chris Rock onstage Sunday night, but that the actor refused to go.

How long is Will Smith not allowed to go to the Oscars? ›

"The Board has decided, for a period of 10 years from April 8, 2022, Mr. Smith shall not be permitted to attend any Academy events or programs, in person or virtually, including but not limited to the Academy Awards." In a statement to CBS News, Smith said: "I accept and respect the Academy's decision."

What does resigning from the Academy mean? ›

What does resigning from the Academy mean? When someone resigns from the the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that means no longer have any voting rights. They also no longer get access to Academy screenings of films to watch before voting.

What does it mean when Will Smith resigns the Academy? ›

The decision means that Smith, 53, will no longer be a voting member of the Academy, Variety reported. As it stands, he will still retain his Oscar for best actor, can be nominated for future consideration by the Academy, and can still be invited to future ceremonies.

What does Will Smith's resignation from the Academy mean? ›

The Hollywood Reporter wrote that “Smith's resignation means he can no longer vote for the Oscars—but he can still be nominated for future Academy Awards, attend future ceremonies and keep the statue he won. But the Academy's formal review will continue.”

Can Will Smith still receive an Oscar in the future? ›

Smith's resignation means that he can no longer vote on nominees or winners in his respective acting branch of the Academy, but he can still be nominated for and win Oscars in the future.

Did the Academy ask will to leave? ›

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which runs the Oscars, said in a statement on Monday, "Mr. Smith was asked to leave the ceremony and refused." However, a source at the show told NBC News that the official decision came from one of the show's producers, who ultimately asked Smith to stay.


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