Our first investment: Application of GENE-Z citations, Lolly, along with SV Angel & Correlation Ventures (2023)

Porgla Huang, Jach Fredman, James Kaplan, inspired Seth Alexandra Lee

Our first investment: Application of GENE-Z citations, Lolly, along with SV Angel & Correlation Ventures (1)

LanaIt is a social date application with which users can enjoy short format videos to tell their history.Story.

Zach Friedman (main partner of CCF in the Claremont Consortium) is also the founder of the Los Angeles -Ökosystems. He connected with Marc Baghadijian, Co -Funder and CEO by Lolly, before Lolly was founded.Founder of colleagues. Seine relationship, Zach, had a first look at Lolly's construction process before the first start.

What started as an exchange of ideas and advice finally became a fertile association when Zach Lolly's team presented in CCF.have: an opportunity to improve the ecosystem for the application for the incorrect appointment that we all experience first -hand, "says Zach.

The unique execution and conviction of the Lolly team in his mission aroused the growing team, and the association followed, of course.

Our first investment: Application of GENE-Z citations, Lolly, along with SV Angel & Correlation Ventures (2)

CEO, Marc Baghadijian

Marc started to solve personal frustration. After years of empty experiences and limited success with modern dating applications, Marc set up a relationship with someone he had grown after repeated calling the Facetime.Traditional photos of appointments only for photos .. this discovery served as a catalyst for the integration of video -based content into the world of appointments.to build a world class team.

Lolly was not the first time that the 21 -year -old businessman had worked. A current student of current management and entrepreneurship, Marc, at the age of four Lebanon to the United States. He sold his first business, Rapidfire Magazine at the age of 18.In addition to his commercial activities, it was also an escape that took part in the Lebanon in the Enee Junior Men team.

Pesente Sacha Schermerhorn

As with Marc, Sacha Schermerhorn (Co -Finger and Technical President of Lolly) has included his commercial activities with Lolly the same determination. As Sacha, the PNL algorithms did not coded orCooking gourmet delicaciesI made innovative progress in neuroscientific research. During his time at the NYU Faculty of Medicine, he encoded the participation of a new protein, Secernin-1, in the Alzheimer's disease.Decided to search for entrepreneurship after winning the pioneer accelerator. He met one of Marc's friends who would connect the two to each other. The Spirit entrepreneur started the bases for Lolly.

PM, Alyssa Goldberg

Alyssa Goldberg, a student of the University of Southern California last year, came to Lolly as a founding product manager.The social community is.

CMO, Mike Majlak, also known as "Big Mike"

Another member of the Lolly All-Star occupation,Mike MajlakEverything is a social startup dreams of a marketing director. "Big Mike", as it is lovingly known, has more than 5 million Gen z followers on all platforms.Earlier marketing campaigns and is invaluable in the Lolly market entry strategy.

Existing models for outdated appointment applications

“The tools that express themselves in tinder are primitive. I expect great innovation in space to disturb how we express ourselves in appointment applications."

-San rad, zinder co -funder.

Lolly has the opportunity to stop the current market order through its innovative methods of user participation. All headlines were successful with innovations based on one or two photos of dust or stroke robbery.Application offers a much more tangible perspective on the character, the gestures and passions of someone in terms of video content. They also offer an exclusive means for non -platonic social interaction that includes participation by custom user content.

Non -bobsome correspondence model

In order to consolidate even more, Lolly enables users to deal with other people in a non -bobage way. Users are no longer limited to simple rejection or acceptance."Avocacio" and then another user "crush". The combination of palm trees and passions enables interest to be more informed and at the same time have the opportunity to move to a real connection.To sign correspondence? Send some palms.

The creation of some short videos for a Pyulero profile requires more effort for the end of the user than some photos in other appointment applications, a long -term friction point, since the creation of short format videos is normalized by Tikok and other media.Use of Lolly would work and increase the liability and commitment of the users.

The age of the short format video

"Life at the interface of social and dates gives us this perfect ideal point of entertainment and self-expression in order to create more surrounding connections, not just a platform for virality."

- Alyssa Goldberg, Polly Product Manager

Some TikK points such as the development of Facebook Gen-Z and Social Networking.Compared to the list of friends who are increasingly involved with influencers, Tiktok is a very social platform with the exchange of videos and creating videos with friends. However, it is not a platform to find new friends.Media company, and there is no platform that uses video coaches and the short algorithmic to really help yourself, to be social and to meet people.enable as existing appointments.

Instead of social appointments, the Crescent team had a unique chemistry with the Polly team from the first day and undertook the partners involved. As a generation of Z'ers, some of whom are founders, we can sympathize with the founder of the student's founderand offer information from the perspective of the end user.

"The CCF was one of the most practical investors we had. So far it has been invaluable," says founder Marc Baghadjian.

Crescent was involved in various aspects of the business, from community growth, marketing and product comments.To create to improve the market market, we endeavor to help Lolly contribute a better experience of quotations to the masses. Ways that other investors cannot.

In the CCF it is our mission to increase the students of the start ecosystem in South California and to inspire and connect the next wave of main entrepreneurs in the region. We are the first colleagues and help the students to feel safer and main companiesDimensions in which Marc Itera Lolly and the adaptation of the product market are approaching, we are to be on our own trip in CCFÖEntrepreneurship Hub Student!

Angela huangIt is the main partner of UCSD
Zach FriedmanIt is the main partner of the Claremont consortium
James KaplanHe is a university partner at USC
Alexandra LeeA founder of California Crescent Fund
Seth inspiredis the founder of the California Crescent Fund

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