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Not all Irish pubs are the same, although many look similar. San Francisco, with a long history of Irish immigration and a strong and longstanding relationship with the country, includingannual flows of J-1 visa studentsIreland has more than its share of Irish pubs and Guinness on tap. But honestly, some of those bars have been transformed into bro parties and worse, so if that's not your scene as we head into the big St. Patrick's weekend (the parade and the festivalare on Saturdays) consider our curated list of favorites below for your own pub crawls. jay bartender

the dublin
One of Noe Valley's most popular pubs and the most Irish of the bunch, The Dubliner (not to be confused with the West Portal bar of the same name, which is cool but more of a standard neighborhood sports bar) has been around for almost 30 years. and proudly leaves the Irish pub scene behind. They host a trivia night on Thursdays, there's a darts game and an Indiana Jones arcade machine, and the crowd is more mature in their 30s and 40s. Don't be afraid of Irish car bombs etc. Pro tip: they don't care if you bring pizza from Patxi's down the street. -jay barman
Calle 24 3838 between Iglesia and Sánchez

Durty Nellys
A standby mode activatedin our irish pub lists, to beFavorite among Irish expatsIt's more than just alcohol. That's alloUlster Fry on a hangover Sunday in the Outer Sunset, they make their own homemade sausage rolls and serve another Dublin speciality, curry fries, which are like poutine but with curry sauce. The fish and chips also get high marks, and if you want to go all out, there's Durty Balls, a crazy mix of mashed potato balls topped with cheddar cheese and bacon.– Eva Batey
328 Irving Street between 24th and 25th avenues

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Pub Flanahans
In operation since 1978, Flanahan's is a long bar at the end of Noriega, where the sunset meets the sea. They advertise "cheap strong drinks" and "vintage cars" that "don't bite and have a whale tale waiting for them." These statements are correct, I say this as someone who has checked both regularly. Expect a mix of old Irish, surfers, locals, and bartenders.Your place in Toyose. Oh, and dogs! many dogs– Eva Batey
Rua Noriega, 3805, between avenues 45 and 46

the irish bank
With outdoor seating in a historic alleyway, Irish Bank has an authentic vibe that has made it a long-standing destination for an after-work beer. A whitewashed cottage facade, brass plaques, and hanging plants are among its many charms, as are authentic foods like sausages, mashed potatoes, and sheep's pie. It's also the place to be on St. Patrick's Day when there's a block party that's expected to be rowdy.– Caleb Perchan
10 Mark Lane entre Bush Street y Harlan Place

The 12 Best Irish Bars in San Francisco: SFist (2)
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There are several Irish and Irish pubs downtown, but Kells is one of the most authentic and also a full-service restaurant with locations in Portland and Seattle. Additionally, Kells is keeping alive the legacy of the famous Purple Onion Comedy Club (originally just around the corner) by hostingred onion eventsThere. The proximity to the financial district means that the place can get a bit chaotic during happy hour on weekdays (Watch this video as proof), but head there during a free hour for a pint and a Ballycastle sausage roll. 8jay barman
530 Jackson Street near Colon

The 12 Best Irish Bars in San Francisco: SFist (3)
Stained Glass Photo of The Little Clover:Almiar

the little clover
Open since 1893, The Little Shamrock is the second oldest bar in San Francisco and a proud survivor of the 1906 earthquake. The current owner, Saeed Ghazi, bought the place in 1974,after the recent history of Hoodline Place, which saved the bar from safe closure after the previous owner defaulted on bills. Populated by a mix of long-time regulars and pitcher-hungry visitors to Golden Gate Park, it's also known for its excellent selection of table games.Its outstanding locationin the novels of detective writer John Lescroart.– Eva Batey
807 Lincoln Way, between 9th and 10th avenues

The 12 Best Irish Bars in San Francisco: SFist (4)
Photo: Yelp

mad dog in the fog
Latelynominated for The PassionMad Dog in the Fog is one of the best places in the city to meet people (that is, straight men if you're a straight woman). week (from 9 on Tuesdays and Thursdays), plus lots of football on the TV screens. This is what this place is basically known for: football and trivia. Oh, and they have a kegerator-equipped table out front for private groups of eight, complete with two taps just for you.-Jay Barmann
530 Haight Street between Fillmore and Steiner

O Napper Tandy
Named after Irish revolutionary James Napper Tandy, this Mission pub is known nationwide for its Monday fish and chip banquets and is particularly appealing to those who enjoy a game, shoot pool, enjoy trivia and ask a bartender or two with a real Irish accent. Along with all the regional specialties and a classic brunch menu, there's a corned beef quesadilla to try, this is an Irish pub in the Mission District, etc.– Caleb Perchan
3200 24th Street in South Van Ness

A Lower Haight bar with a love it or leave it attitude, Nickies is a sports bar with an Irish twist that erupts with applause at any football game, European or otherwise. The place can exude a strong, even territorial, neighborly vibe, but a friendly attitude will do you good (and it's generally softer here than at nearby Danny Coyle). Food includes wings, tater tots, and jalapenos, and brunch is also offered.kaleb pershan
466 Haight Street entre Webster Street y Fillmore Street

The 12 Best Irish Bars in San Francisco: SFist (7)
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If you're looking for a tried and true Irish restaurant on the strips, complete with an Irish bartender and plenty of expats and locals, O'Keefe's is the place to be. The walls are covered with pro-IRA news clippings from the past, and one of the original owners, who opened the place in 1973, Annie O'Keefe, still runs the bar, though her partner Tim is long gone. time. Definitely a must for what Old San Francisco was like in the last century, at least in its more Irish corners, and the drinks are expensive and cheap. 8jay barman
598 Fifth Avenue in Balboa

The 12 Best Irish Bars in San Francisco: SFist (8)
Bantry Bacon Boxty with potatoes for breakfast. Photo: Facebook

The Fenix
This wool-dyed Irish spot remains one of the busiest bars on the Valencia Strip, with a menu that features Irish fare, including a delicious Bacon Boxty for brunch (which would be a hash brown with Irish bacon, poached eggs, and hollandaise, As shown in the picture). above). . The place might have a few regulars these days(?), but most of the crowd here is a mix of 20-year-old missionaries and mission walkers, and the place usually comes on St. Patrick's Day, so beware . 8jay barman
Rua Valencia, 811, next to number 19

The plow and the stars
Known for its live music and lively crowd, the Plow & Stars is a great place to listen to traditional Celtic music (flute instruments etc) as well as the occasional contemporary band. Don't worry about the price of admission, it's well worth it and their Guinness is cheap, at least by local standards.kaleb pershan
116 Clement Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues

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dirty balls. Photo: AJ C./Yelp

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