The Importance and Healing Powers of Apatite - A Complete Guide to Using It (2023)

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  • Advantages of Apatite
  • Apatite color
  • Emotional and Mental Benefits of Apatite
  • Physical Benefits of Apatite
  • Apatite and Chakras
  • Can Apatite Unclog Chakras?
  • Is apatite a birthstone?
  • Apatite and the Zodiac
  • How to Charge and Purify Apatite
  • Where to place the apatite?
  • How to use apatite
  • Apatite and Wealth
  • Can I use apatite for meditation and yoga?
  • Can I wear or wear apatite every day?
  • Apatite Goddess
  • Can I help my pet with apatite?
  • Apatite Elixir
  • Apatite and Dreams
  • What gemstones go well with apatite?
  • Apatite and the Workplace
  • Apati-Pander
  • Apatit and EMF
  • Final Thoughts on Apatite
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Introduction to Apatite

Apatite is a very interesting gemstone that has an unusual relationship with humans – it is composed of calcium and phosphate, the most common minerals in our bodies. Maybe that's why it can have such a profound effect on us.

The name comes from the 18th-century German geologist Abraham Werner, and is derived from the Greek word "betrug," meaning "to deceive," because it is easily confused with other gemstones such as peridot, topaz, or tourmaline.

There is no question that apatite gemstones are stunning. However, due to their relative softness, they are less popular with jewelers as they can be easily scratched or broken. For large trailers or touchstones, this isn't really an issue.

Advantages of Apatite

  • focus and concentration
  • unconditional love
  • touch
  • harmonious
  • creativity
  • philanthropist
  • Environmental friendly
  • against virus

Apatite color

Appati Fab Series

Apatite comes in a variety of colors, but the most common are blue, green and yellow. Yellows can range from bright lemon yellow to deep honey hues, while blues rival the neon brightness of famous Paraiba tourmalines.

Colors have their own spiritual meanings – green symbolizes growth and rebirth, blue represents wisdom and faith, while yellow brings joy and optimism.

Emotional and Mental Benefits of Apatite

Apatite is a gemstone of manifestation because it helps you see things clearly and discover anything that is standing in the way of your dreams. This will give you the confidence and knowledge to make the necessary changes and stay on the right path.

It is an inspirational gemstone that will fill you with optimism and positivity.

Apatite encourages communication, which in turn leads to openness and sociability, which leads to better relationships and more friends. It will also give you the energy and motivation to make the most of these new friendships.

Individual colors can create special advantages:

  • Gabe– Improves concentration, aids in learning, overcomes drowsiness.
  • Blau– Ideal for public speaking.
  • green– Helps attract funding.

Physical Benefits of Apatite

Apatite is especially good for all bone and dental problems, all calcium-related problems, and helps fight arthritis, joint swelling, osteoporosis, and even rickets.

The Importance and Healing Powers of Apatite - A Complete Guide to Using It (3)

It also helps central organs such as the digestive system, spleen, pancreas, liver and gallbladder, speed up metabolism and suppress hunger.

Apatite also helps fight viruses.

In children, apatite can relieve teething problems and growing pains. It supports calcium absorption and promotes the development of cartilage, bones, teeth and motor skills.

Promotes a healthy, healthy appetite and increases energy reserves.

Likewise, different colors can have different health benefits:

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  • Gabe– Suppresses hunger and detoxifies the body
  • Blau– Boosts the immune system and lowers blood pressure
  • green– Strengthens the cardiovascular system

Apatite and Chakras

The Importance and Healing Powers of Apatite - A Complete Guide to Using It (4)

Chakras are the energy centers of the body. There are seven chakras throughout the body, and each chakra affects a specific physical, emotional or mental state.

The seven chakras are as follows: crown chakra, third eye, throat chakra, heart, solar plexus, sacrum and root chakra. The word chakra is Sanskrit and means wheel. Each chakra is associated with an affecting color, and gemstones with a dominant color are usually associated with a chakra point of that color.

Apatite gemstones come in nearly every color to match each chakra point.

Blue Apatite is associated with the Throat Chakra, so on a physical level, it can help with any medical condition associated with the throat and neck. On an emotional level, he facilitates communication and gives you a good nudge when you need to speak or give a presentation. Yellow Apatite affects the solar plexus chakra, which is associated with relationships and energy. Green Apatite is associated with the heart chakra, the gateway to all forms of healing.

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Can Apatite Unclog Chakras?

Sometimes our chakras become unbalanced or out of alignment and need to be realigned or cleared. One way to achieve this is by using healing chakra stones.

The color of these stones or crystals usually corresponds to each chakra: red for the root chakra, orange for the sacral chakra, yellow for the solar plexus, green for the heart, blue for the throat, indigo for the third eye, and purple Or white for the top wheel.

Because apatite comes in different colors, it can be used for different chakras.

For example, you may feel hyperactive, overbearing, or fanatical about your political or religious beliefs. This can be a sure sign that your Vishuddhi is blocked. A piece of blue apatite can do wonders whether hung around the neck while relaxing, hung around the neck or worn as a pendant.

You may also have digestive problems, stomach pain, or liver problems. This suggests that a blocked solar plexus chakra and yellow apatite gemstones may be the answer.

Is apatite a birthstone?

Apatite is not a traditional birthstone.

Some people associate green apatite with spring, renewal of life, and May.

For more information, see our informative article on apatite

Apatite and the Zodiac

Apatite is a relatively modern discovery, so while it has some connection to Gemini, it doesn't form a strong affinity with the zodiac

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The Importance and Healing Powers of Apatite - A Complete Guide to Using It (5)

How to Charge and Purify Apatite

Apatite should be cleaned approximately once a week. The most effective way is to use running water. Be careful not to overheat as it is heat sensitive. Either cool or lukewarm water is fine. Do not use salt or seawater for apatite.

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Another safe method is to place the crystals in a bowl with herbs such as lavender.

It is best not to charge in the sun, as the color may fade with sunlight exposure.

This stone is fragile and very sensitive to chemicals. Therefore, do not use any abrasive or caustic agents when cleaning or cleaning.

Where to place the apatite?

Apatite is an inspirational gemstone that can be used anywhere in your home that you think you might need it. The middle of the house is dedicated to health, the west is for the children and the east is for the whole family. Put the apatite in the right place for the right problem.

Apatite is a creative influence. So how about throwing one in your kitchen to ignite your inner Gordon Ramsay? You'll be cooking delicious meals in no time. Bon Appetit or Apatite?

How to use apatite

We are often asked how to use gemstones for spiritual or health purposes, and while we are certainly not experts in the field, we have gained quite a bit of knowledge over the years.

Wearing gemstones as jewelry is the easiest way crystals can work on your body.

Certain colors are associated with different parts of the body, for example, green apatite is associated with the heart chakra, so a pendant may be ideal, while blue apatite is associated with the throat chakra, so a necklace is appropriate.

Alternatively, slip them into your pocket and use them as touchstones throughout the day.

Keep some crystals on hand or place them on your lap while you meditate.

If possible, lie on your body, align the crystals with the chakra points, and meditate or relax.

Put them in the bath, but make sure there are no bath salts in it, as the apatite may be attacked (very unlikely).

Decorate your home with crystals. Some crystals improve working conditions. So keep them in your office. Others can help you relax, so you can place them in your lounge or living room.

It is believed that apatite helps to predict dreams. Therefore, putting gemstones under your pillow before bed increases your chances of doing so.

Apatite and Wealth

Gemstones such as citrine and aventurine bring good luck and wealth, but apatite plays a more indirect role in wealth.

It facilitates the transformation of ideas into reality and helps achieve results through inspiration, drive and creativity. Your own efforts will make you rich.

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Can I use apatite for meditation and yoga?

Apatite is great for meditation and yoga. It can take you into deeper levels of meditation and reflection, strengthening your focus and awareness.

As mentioned earlier, since this is a manifestation stone, it is recommended that you follow a specific routine during meditation or yoga sessions.

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Begin your ritual with an intention, or sankalpas, in which you establish guiding principles for the fulfillment of your wishes. Hold the Apatite Gemstone in your hand while repeating your mental mantra.

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Can I wear or wear apatite every day?

We all respond to different gemstones in different ways - one gemstone may be uplifting and inspiring to one, but disturbing to another.

Do some experimenting with your apatite stone, perhaps wearing one every other day, to allow your body to get used to its vibrations.

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Apatite Goddess

Apatite honors Diana, the Greek goddess of the moon, goddess of the hunt and purity, and her Roman counterpart, Artemis. It is also associated with Gaia, Mother Earth.

Can I help my pet with apatite?

Apatite has a special affinity with the animal kingdom. Its chemical composition is primarily phosphate, the same substance found in the teeth, tusks, bones, horns and antlers of various animals around the world. Because of this, it has become a symbol of animal welfare.

At home, your pets can also benefit from the effects of this gemstone on bone and dental health.

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Apatite Elixir

Apatite can be made into an elixir of life quickly and easily by adding a gem or two to pure spring or mineral water. First, clean and rinse the stone thoroughly, then soak it in water for one to two hours.

You can then simply drink the water, make tea with it, add it to your bath water, or dab it on any part of your body to benefit from its healing powers.

Put some Apatite Elixir in a spray bottle and spray on yourself or around your room whenever your creativity needs a boost.

Be warned, some gemstones are not suitable as elixirs and may be poisonous. After following.

Apatite and Dreams

Apatite can be placed under your pillow (in a pillowcase to prevent leaks) and used as a dream stone, connecting to your subconscious mind while you sleep. It also clears up any difficult dreams you may have.

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What gemstones go well with apatite?

Apatite is a powerful gemstone that enhances the power of other crystals and gives it gifts of its own.

Pair it with a rose quartz crystal to attract love and encourage giving and receiving unconditional love.

(Video) Discover the Healing Properties of Green Opal: A Complete Guide

Clear Quartz helps you understand the changes you need to make in your life to achieve your personal goals and aspirations. Combine clear quartz with apatite and everything will look sharper.

Apatite and black tourmaline make a winning combination. The grounding and protection of tourmaline combined with the power and dynamics of apatite is unmatched.

Apatite and the Workplace

Apatite may not immediately stand out in the workplace like citrine or garnet, but if you look closely, you'll see how helpful this crystal can be in your work.

As a Manifestation Stone, it can help fulfill all of our dreams and wishes - not only in your private life, but also in your professional and business aspirations.

Blue Apatite is associated with the Throat Chakra, so it can enhance your communication skills, whether it's a speech, presentation, or personal interview. Excellent communication skills are essential to a successful career.

Of course, apatite is known to enhance creativity, so those who work in the arts such as writers, musicians, painters, sculptors, and advertising and marketing would certainly benefit from apatite crystals.


Any gemstone you like can be used as a pendulum, but apatite's reputation as a gemstone of communication and expression makes it the perfect pendulum.

The pendulum can be used to answer yes and no questions to reveal hidden truths.

A pendulum can be made of any solid body, such as a piece of metal, wood, or glass, attached to a string or chain that can swing freely in any direction.

The pendulum is held by the dominant hand and the chain hangs freely. Let your pendulum tell you what is "yes". If the pendulum swings left to right, diagonally, or round and round, it's "yes." Repeat the process to find out what the symbol for "no" is.

Now you can ask questions about the pendulum. Relax, open up and communicate.

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Apatit and EMF

Electromagnetic fields dominate the modern world, and unless you live completely "off the grid" with no phone, WiFi or computer, there is no escape from their harmful electromagnetic waves.

Gems can provide some protection from this modern pollution, but I think there are better gems for the job than apatite - black tourmaline and amazonite come to mind - but as a strengthening gem they can help Increases the power of another crystal.

Final Thoughts on Apatite

At first glance, apatite should be famous, its color and clarity rivaling many of the better known and more expensive gemstones found by jewelers around the world, but its relative softness means it is somewhat overlooked up.

Fortunately, the durability of a crystal does not compromise its psychic powers, so this colorful beauty comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and shades at very affordable prices.

Generally, only turquoise blue specimens are processed, otherwise apatite is a completely natural gemstone simply cut and polished from the rough.

With a little imagination, this gemstone can make for striking and impressive pendants, with its power penetrating and affecting the nearby throat and solar plexus chakras. Wire boxes or closed boxes are immune to bumps and knocks.

Or, simply keep a loose crystal with you, or as a decoration in your home or workplace - you will be rewarded with its beauty and spiritual power.

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For more information, see our informative article on apatite

Helpful Apatite Guide


Nick name

event stone




all chakras


not applicable

Chinese zodiac

not applicable

cardinal virtue

creativity and spiritual knowledge


bones and teeth

gem partner

Rose Quartz / Black Tourmaline






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